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The super secret archive within the Amnesia: Rebirth installation files

For the Super Secret file from Amnesia: The Dark Descent, see Super Secret file (The Dark Descent).

The Super_Secret file is a .rar file located in the installation folder of Amnesia: Rebirth (on PC only). The archive is password-protected, and the password was found by discovering a collection of seven four-character strings hidden throughout the game, and assembling them. It contains concept art, design documents, and removed content from the game.

The password to the archive is: 7UI84S3D3AN2XJ36E7G5J26KA3Y9

Finding the password[]

Finding the password was a lot more involved and difficult than finding the password for the secret file in Amnesia: The Dark Descent. The password was split into seven different four-character strings, and hidden throughout the game. Only by finding all of them, and assembling them in the order they could be found in-game, could the file be unlocked.

The full code wasn't found until November 3, 2020; 14 days after the game was released.

First string: 7UI8[]

Audio file containing the first string (7UI8) that plays when waiting in the plane crash for too long

The first string can be found at the very start of the level The Cassandra, right after gaining control of Tasi Trianon. Waiting in the crashed plane for a short amount of time instead of leaving, will result in the voice of Doctor Metzier being broadcast through the speakers in the plane, repeating the four characters a number of times before ending the transmission.

This part of the password was discovered on October 21, 2020.

Second string: 4S3D[]


The second string (4S3D), on the map of northern Africa, circled in green

The second string can be found at the start of the level The Caves, on a map of northern Africa that can be found on a table alongside a crew roster, and an asset tally. In the image, the suspected crash site of the Cassandra is circled in red, while the four-character string can be seen a bit to the east of the crash site, circled in grey, in the bottom right of the square formed by the fifth and tenth meridian, and the 25th and 30th parallel.

This part of the password was discovered on October 31st, 2020.

Third string: 3AN2[]


The third string (3AN2), visible in-between the dashed lines

The third string can be found near Herbert's dead body, at the beginning parts of the level The Dark World. It's on the wall above Herbert, near a bunch of scribblings created by the very same.

This part of the password was discovered on October 22, 2020.

Fourth string: XJ36[]

The fourth string was the last to be found, and was the only out of the seven that was brute-forced by members of the Frictional Games Discord server. It is yet to be found in-game.

Given that all other code snippets can be found chronologically, this part of the code is presumed to appear in a level between The Dark World and The Cistern.

Fifth string: E7G5[]

French carving

The chess board containing the fifth string (E7G5)

The fifth string can be found on a chess board in The Cistern, after entering through a gate that closes after passing through it. After passing through the doorway on the left, and continuing through another doorway thereafter, two cabinets will come into view. The cabinet with candles on top of it contains the chess board inside the back of it, behind a few items. The chess board has a pawn drawn onto square E7, and a bishop drawn onto square G5. Together, they create the code snippet.

This part of the password was discovered on October 21, 2020.

Sixth string: J26K[]


The sixth string (J26K) above the bench in The Laboratory

The sixth string can be found above a bench in the level The Laboratory, above three depictions of a human skull drawn onto the wall, in the room beyond the big chamber with the man in a pod being tortured.

This part of the code wasn't found in-game, but was rather discovered hidden in a texture file with the file name "". Frictional Games had employed some trickery to hide this snippet of code, presumably to dissuade data-mining: the texture is used by the model "dwf_table_leg_01.dae", which isn't a table leg at all, and instead just contains a square with the code part of the texture on it, appearing underneath the model of the table with the file name "dwf_table_01.dae". In game, the code snippet can never be found underneath any table of the corresponding file name, and the "table leg" model is only ever used in the part of The Laboratory where the code snippet can be found.

This part of the password was discovered on October 28, 2020.

Seventh string: A3Y9[]


The seventh string (A3Y9) on the wall behind a shelf in The Tower, with the contrast enhanced to more clearly display the letters

The seventh and final string can be found in the level The Tower, on the wall behind a bunch of boxes on a shelf. After exiting the broken-down elevator through the emergency hatch, a small ventilation shaft can be found and crawled through. The shaft ends in a small room, where the shelf is located.

This part of the password was discovered on October 22, 2020.


Like Amnesia: The Dark Descent, the .rar contains concept arts, development images, and some scrapped material for Rebirth. These are divided into seven folders:


The Art contains a set of 22 images, along with a subfolder named ModernLogos, containing a further 15 images.


The Concepts folder contains three subfolders: Environments, Monster, and Other.


The Environments folder contains concept art of the various locations in the game.


The Monster folder contains concept art detailing the development of the monsters in the game.


The Other folder contains various sketches of locales, objects, and characters.


The Design folder contains various images focused on the layout and design of levels, puzzles, and geometry. It also contains a few PDF's with game design documents, and three videos filmed to be used as references when the game was being developed.


This folder contains miscellaneous goofy or silly images and videos.

Unused Notes[]

This folder contains a handful of removed notes from the game.


This folder contains pictures and videos of the voice actors from the game.


This folder contains a bunch of images and videos from early in development. It also contains a secondary archive with four prototype maps from early in development (not provided here).