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Ugh… what a mess. I should have sharpened the saw. But I can sense it. It’s definitely there.

Alexander, after killing a dog during his experiments on extracting Vitae from animals.

The Study is one of the side rooms branching off from the Back Hall. It is located at the top of the stairs, next to the Guest Room. It bears a resemblance to the Archives.


Reached from the Back Hall, the Study is an area of Brennenburg Castle designed for research, study, and tutoring. It is a very gloomy place, but also one of the few areas that contain clear windows, and is also the only area where Daniel goes outside the castle. The study is where Alexander performed anatomical studies and experiments on animals to extract vitae. This is observed in a flashback when Alexander is heard sawing open a dog. In the end, he gave up his study on animals to focus on humans, as dogs didn't produce sufficient amounts of vitae.[1] Occasionally, the miserable barking of a dog can be heard. On low sanity, the portrait of Alexander will appear horribly disfigured.[2]

As Daniel walks down the corridor, the Shadow roars and the resulting tremors fractures one of the windows.

The cycle flow control rod for the Machine Room is kept in the study. Unfortunately, a cave-in has blocked the room with the rod, so Daniel must break the weakened window on the far left and hop along the edge of the building to get there. The Shadow, aware of him, will immediately overtake the nearby forest and consume the area, felling pine trees and frightening Daniel. In this remote section of the Study, one of Alexander's memory capsules can be found. On low sanity in this room, three sides of meat can be seen hanging in the dark corner over the fallen bookshelf.[citation needed]


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Light sources[]

There are 37 Candles, 0 Torches, 0 Lamps, and 0 Fires.


  1. Triggers near small table with dogs head and bone saw thing.

The phonograph[]

In an earlier version of the game, there was a phonograph in the first room on the right, containing a recording of a woman (likely Elise Zimmermann) accusing Daniel of killing her, but also offering him redemption in exchange for answers. As of version 1.2 with Amnesia: Justine completed, the phonograph is no longer present.


Secret Gramophone Message In Amnesia The Dark Descent - Study Room

The secret phonograph

"Daniel, you killed me! You took my life away! If only you realize what you've done, what violence you have forced upon history! You have to make it right, you selfish little boy! I am offering you redemption, but I need you to give me the answers. Rid yourself of guilt, tell me at once! The man who escaped death in Grenoble, who is he? Who is hunting you, and who is the banished one? You laughed when I told you I would call on Gabriel for help. You know him! Where did you meet him? You are slipping, your mind is questioning my existence! My request is sincere Daniel, this is all real! Where did you leave your sister? Daniel, you are going mad! Go home, call on her, bless her name, and let her bring you home to England! Listen, if there is any will in you left, answer my questions and let them make a name for yourself."


"Do you see, Daniel? A whole other world – isn't it beautiful?"
The following section is written from an out-of-universe perspective.
  • In the room to the right, there is a tinderbox on a shelf to the immediate left. A small chest by the window contains another tinderbox.
  • A note is found by the windows in the room on the opposite side.
  • Continuing down the hall, there is an oil potion in front of a window. A gust of wind will crack the window.
  • There is a note by a candlestick on the large table in the room on the right.
  • Through the open door, there is a tinderbox in the middle desk drawer and a note under a book on a small table on the right side of the room.
  • Going further down the hall, you will notice that rubble is in the way. Go back to the cracked window and throw an object at it, breaking the window.
  • A tinderbox rests on the windowsill. There are more windowsills to the right. Jump across them to reach another broken window.
  • In this new area, you will find an oil barrel, as well as a note (which explains how to repair the elevator) and the Flow Cycle Rod on a table.
  • The very back of the area has a large chest with two tinderboxes inside.


Puzzle items[]

  • Flow Cycle Rod


  • Two tinderboxes can be found in the room to your immediate right as you enter the Study. One of them is on a shelf near the entryway, and another one can be found in a chest further into the room.(75 & 76)
  • One tinderbox can be found in the desk in the back room that can be accessed from the room with the stuffed dogs, the one with Alexander's portrait in it.(77)
  • Another one can be found on the outside awning. You'll see it right after you've broken the window by throwing an object at it.(78)
  • Two more tinderboxes can be found in a chest at the small area adjacent to the room where you pick up the rods.(79 & 80)


  • An oil container can be found next to the cracked window.
  • There is an oil barrel in the room where you find the rod.


There is no laudanum in this area.


  • Letter Regarding the Discovery of an Orb – Found on a small table in the first room to your left after you enter the Study.
  • Animal Experiment – Found in the next accessible room further along in the corridor, the one with the stuffed dogs. It's on the table in the center.
  • Anatomy Frontiers – Found in the sub-room to the previous one, the one that has a portrait of Alexander in it. It's on a small table to the right of the door.
  • Elevator Machine Instructions – Found on the table in the room reached by the window, right next to the elevator rod.
  • After bypassing the cave-in by hopping from perch to perch there's a room with a desk on the right corner with a Memory Capsule right on the top of it.


  • Whenever Daniel is near or in the dissecting room, he can faintly hear the sounds of dogs whimpering or crying. These sounds are possibly residual hauntings of the dogs that were killed by Alexander during his experiments in search of vitae.
  • There are skulls in the closet in the inner room behind the dissecting room where Alexander tortured the dogs. They will roll out of the closet when it's opened, and will lower Daniel's sanity.
  • All the skulls found in Brennenburg are missing their lower jaws, like Agrippa is missing his. If there are more people who have gotten their jaws sawed off, or if someone had simply removed the lower jaws from the skulls, is unknown. But it would be pointless to rip off the jaw of a skull. It could be possible that Alexander and his servants (or Daniel) sawed the jaw off a living person, in order to get vitae.
  • Only time the player goes outside of Brennenburg Castle during the game, happens in this area. While at outside, Shadow will invade nearby woodland.