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The Streets are the twelfth (12th) level in Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs. The level features the streets of London, ravaged by Manpigs who are rounding up the population of London to be slaughtered by the Machine.


Anything to Save Them[]

Oh no. Oh God no, what have I done?

Oswald Mandus, shocked when seeing London in danger.

After the Engine Rooms, Oswald Mandus emerges on the streets again. He is greeted by utter chaos as London is in flames, there are explosions and gunshots going off in the distance, and Manpigs are seen scouring the city, dragging the citizens off into the darkness. In order to gain access back into the Machine and stop it, Mandus first has to traverse through the streets himself.

There will be many encounters with Manpigs in this area, though most of them are purely visual and no harm will come from them.

When moving through the dark alley further in the level, an Engineer will give chase until Mandus reaches the end of the area, where the Manpig will be blocked out by an iron fence. Mandus can then move through the tunnel to get to the elevator that will take him into the Pigline.


"Do you see, Daniel? A whole other world – isn't it beautiful?"
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Found Documents[]

  • October 25th 1899 - Before passing the sign labelled "Berner Street", you'll go through a small wooden cabin. After exiting it check to your right. An apartment has its door smashed in and is accessible. Go upstairs in the apartment and the note is on a table.
  • October 24th 1899 - Head past the sign labelled "Berner Street" and turn right on the road, towards the cages. Walk past the cages, and head past the sign labelled "Goulston Street". You'll witness a manpig murdering a woman. The note is on the ground right in front of where the event took place.
  • December 23rd 1899 - Head back out onto the street, and crawl into the crawlspace in a building. Head through the building. Ignore the first crawlspace on your right, but crawl through the one in front of you after it. When you're through, stand up, and you'll see the note on a box right in front of you.
  • October 25th 1899 - Right before exiting the level via the elevator, turn around and start crawling behind the boxes behind you. Keep crawling until you've reached the area with the toy blocks, and then the game will flash. After that, a new path is created behind you. Follow that path and you'll reach the page.


  • Despite the chaos, there aren't many people in the streets, meaning most are killed or are hiding in their houses.
  • Aside from explosions, gunshots can also be heard in the distance implying that the Manpigs are facing some resistance.
  • At one point a Wretch appears to be raping a citizen of London. (See Gallery)
  • Later, when the player is chased by an Engineer, a man can be seen running along a catwalk. He will first be seen running away from an enraged Engineer to the left but is later seen running to the right as the Engineer that chased the man will now chase Oswald. Afterwards, if one turns up their gamma setting high enough they will see the poor and helpless man's fate as he gets attacked in front of them by what seems to be 9 Engineers and 1 Wretch jumping towards him very fast.
  • If the player spends too much time hanging out at the last yard after the gate has closed after them without entering the elevator, a Wretch spawns from the dead-end alley on the left.