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The storage box, or inventory box, is a unique container object in Amnesia: The Bunker. It can be found within the Aministration room, in the Central Bunker. It can be used by Henri Clément to storage consumable and key items.


The storage box consists of a 4x4 container, totalling 16 slots that can be used to store any item Henri is able to pick up. It is essential for the resource management aspect of the game, it is particularly useful in the storage of things that are numerous, such as fuel containers for the generator.

The Storage Box is particularly useful at the start of the game, since Henri only has 3 inventory spaces at his disposal when starting out. This can be changed by acquiring more pocket bags.

Key items[]

Key items needed to beat the game and other essential survival tools cannot be dropped. The player is forced to either hold them in their inventory or place them in the Storage Box. These items are:

Unstorable items[]

Henri also cannot drop or store revolver bullets or shotgun shells, as they are kept in two specific, respective inventory slots, separate from all other items.


  • Items stored on the floor will NOT disappear, so if one's storage is full, they can leave items on the floor of the Administration Room or any other place of choice.
    • One exception is meat, which, if left unattended on the floor, may be eaten by rats.