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The darkness in the Storage feels strange and unnatural.

Daniel's Mementos

The Storage is a series of rooms that can be accessed via a side tunnel from the Back Hall.


The Storage contains the Trinity Rod and Four-phase Amplitude Rod, which are needed in the Machine Room to activate the Elevator. However, this is not an easy task, as heavy darkness has consumed the area (which makes the Lantern most needed), and many Gatherers wander around the Storage. Daniel even notes that the darkness feels "strange and unnatural," and the player will likely use up a couple of oil bottles in this area. This place is considered to be one of the most dangerous areas in the game.[citation needed]

The flashbacks revealed that this is the place where Daniel killed the little girl (Zimmermann's daughter) who was trying to escape the castle. Sometimes you can hear the faint cries of the girl.


"Where are they? Where are my sections?"
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Light sources[]

"Where are they? Where are my sections?"
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"Where are they? Where are my sections?"
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"Do you see, Daniel? A whole other world – isn't it beautiful?"
The following section is written from an out-of-universe perspective.

After acquiring the first drill part, a Grunt will spawn. The best way to deal with this is to hide in a dark corner until it's gone.

After obtaining the first drill piece, go to the second expanse you can access, which is the chemical storage. Search all the rooms, as the two remaining drill pieces can be found in them. The rooms also have plentiful supplies, like tinderboxes, Laudanum, and oil. Once all three drill parts have been retrieved, all that needs to be done is to open the inventory and combine them to create the Hand Drill.

Similar to the Refinery, there are large wine barrels everywhere. However, two barrels in the vertexes of the room (they look similar to the oil barrels and are marked as primary and secondary) contain volatile chemicals and need to be used to create an explosive. The taps are rusted shut however, so one will have to use the hand drill on each barrel to obtain the liquid with the chemistry pot from the Laboratory. As a result, you will obtain a pot of explosive liquid. Use this to demolish the rubble blocking the path to the rest of the Storage.

The explosive does not become active once deposited on the ground near the rubble. To set it off, an object has to be thrown at it. Be careful though, as the blast radius is very large, and standing near the explosive when it goes off can result in significant health loss.

It is now possible to progress all the way to the furthermost room in the Storage, where the rods can be found. It should be noted though, that a Servant Grunt hides in one of the smaller rooms that can be reached from the large, open area you end up in as you follow the hallway. To avoid this encounter, simply skip opening the door to the far room in the big, open area with the large working bench.

The Servant Grunt that lurks behind the door.

Continuing forward, a large room with a lone torch will soon be reached. As the room is entered, the torch is suddenly lit for an unknown reason, probably a hallucination. However, ignoring the event, you will find the rods in a small room that can be reached from this area. Be wary though, for as soon as you obtain them, a Servant Grunt will spawn outside and patrol the area. Hide behind the large crate in the far end of the room, as the beast is likely to break in, especially if it spots you behind the door.

When the music comes to a halt, advance to the Back Hall. You will pass the area where you unblocked the caved-in passageway. The Shadow will roar and rocks will fall: don't panic. However, as soon as you reach the top of the stairs, you need to be wary as there is a Grunt that spawns ahead. When you hear it growl, do not go up the stairs any further. Instead, sprint back and find a dark spot to hide in. Remain hidden until yet again the music has cut. After a tense moment, when all is clear, continue to run to the Back Hall. You can also dart straight past the monster - all that is left to do is escape the Storage, and the exit is not far ahead.

Note about enemies: The Storage is the first location in the game where former human enemies such as Grunts and Brutes are a major problem. Much of the time, they will spawn while you are in a room, often just after you picked up something, in which case you will have to hide in a dark corner of that room. If they spawn while you are out in a hallway or just leaving a brightly-lit room, one rule of thumb is to try to hide in a place that is in the opposite direction from where the enemy is walking. Counterintuitively, this also means that walking toward and past the enemy in the dark is consistently safer than trying to backtrack and hide in the exact area where the enemy will be coming to search.


Puzzle items[]

  • Trinity Rod
  • Four-phase Amplitude Rod


  • On the large shelf in the middle of the first room as you enter the storage, near a candle.(48)
  • To the first room on your left, where you find the first drill part, three tinderboxes can be found. Two of them on a shelf on the left, and one on a shelf on the right.(49, 50 & 51)
  • Heading out of the room, straight ahead and down the stairs into the "Equipment" area, in the tiny room to your immediate right, on the floor underneath the note describing how to create the explosive, one tinderbox can be found.(52)
  • Exiting the room and following the wall to your right, you will find another small room. In this room, a whole four tinderboxes can be found - one on the shelf to the left, one on another shelf in the wall nearby, one on another shelf on the right side of the room, and one more in a small chest nearby.(53, 54, 55 & 56)
  • Exiting and following the wall further, to the right, around a corner to another small room, two tinderboxes can be found. One of them sits on a box, and another one sits on a shelf near the drill part.(57 & 58)
  • Exiting and following the wall to the right yet again and around another corner, yet another small room can be found. In here, two tinderboxes can be found on a bookshelf to your right; one at the top of it, and one in the middle of it. (59 & 60)
  • Heading back to the starting area and up to the section labelled "Machine Parts", a lonely tinderbox can be found on the ground near the rubble.(61)
  • After you blow up the rubble using the explosive mixture, two tinderboxes can be found in a chest behind some barrels on the left of the shelf-like structure, and another one on a shelf on the right side.(62, 63 & 64)
  • Pressing on, you'll enter a large room labelled "Food Storage". A single tinderbox can be found in the large table or shelf in the middle of the room. (65)
  • At the left side of the room, near some sacks. (66)
  • On a bookshelf at the right side of the room, between the two doors. (67)
  • In the first room at the right side of the room, the one with the hanging pig carcasses, a tinderbox can be found in a bookshelf to the right of the entrance. (68)
  • In the other room, three tinderboxes can be found. Two of the tinderboxes are on a shelf at the left side of the room, and the third is on the floor at the right side of the room, next to a couple of sacks. Be careful though, as there is a Servant Grunt in this room. If you die once to it, however, it will de-spawn, giving you easy access to the room.(69, 70 & 71)
  • At the very end of the Storage, on the ground in the far back of the room where you pick up the rods. (72)


  • One oil container can be found in a smaller sub-room of the room where you find the explosive liquids.
  • Another oil container can be found in the northernmost part of the large room you get to after blowing up the debris blocking your way.
  • A third one can be found in the room with the pigs hanging from the ceiling.
  • There are no oil barrels in this area.


  • In a chest in the small room adjacent to the room with the explosive liquids.
  • In a chest located in the small room, you get to after blowing up the rocks blocking your path, hidden behind a bunch of barrels.


  • Regarding Explosive Mixture – Found on a table in the room to the right after going down the stairs to the "Equipment" section of the Storage.
  • In Case Of a Missing Rod – Found at the very end of the Storage, next to two of the rods needed to power the elevator.


  • Although the two massive barrels have a rusted valve, they can, in fact, be spun if Daniel were to smash a box or barrel sideways onto the knob, it would begin to rapidly spin. This is most likely a glitch.
  • There is a jammed door in the Storage near the cave-in. There is a trail of blood leading out of that room towards the blocked path. It's highly possible that this is the room where Daniel found the girl. This also may be the place where the Servant Grunt went after looking around the first room, as he is not found in the chemical storage or past the rocks.
  • As Daniel enters the final area where he actually killed the girl, the fire in the middle of the room will ignite by itself, a terrified cry will be heard, and Daniel will lose some sanity. Even if the Lantern is on, Daniel will put it down by himself as this occurs.
  • After clearing the rubble blocking the corridor with explosives, an area above that looks very similar to the Back Hall comes into view. However, this isn't technically possible because the storage extends away from the Back Hall and there is no hole to be found on the ground of the Back Hall to show the Storage. Also, the pillars in the back hall are circular, whereas the pillars shown in the storage are not a full circle.
  • There are four Grunts. The first is triggered when Daniel picks up the drill part in "Old Tools" (see map to the left), the second is hiding in the room marked "Grain", the third when he picks up either of the two Machine Room rods in the final storage room, and the fourth shortly after he walks over the rubble he cleared with the explosive on his way out of Storage.
  • Upon returning to the food storage area after collecting two rods, the door to the "Grain" room will be open as if the Servant Grunt who had been there earlier has left. However, DO NOT enter the room and close the door - the door will become stuck and you will lock yourself in. If you end up doing just that, you have to go back to an older save to be able to continue the game.[citation needed]
  • Tinderboxes can be found all over the place. Oil can be found in the "Meat" locker hidden among several barrels, in one of the rooms in the "Equipment" area, and behind the long table in the "Food Storage" area. Thankfully, the player should have enough oil by now to get through here since this is the first really dark area that requires the lantern since the Refinery.
  • Upon Daniel successfully retrieving everything needed from Storage, the Shadow will foul the Back Hall with its fleshy deposits and the Back Hall's fountain with blood.
  • The explosive is not required to get past the rocks as there are barrels nearby, and barrels explode when destroyed by a Gatherer. When the grunt appears, you can glitch yourself inside a barrel while against the rocks, so that when the grunt attempts to claw you, it will destroy the barrel instead, causing it to blow up the rocks.[citation needed]
  • The developers say in the commentary that the darkness of the level is not only meant to scare the player, but it's also meant to be symbolic of the dark parts of Daniel's past that the flashbacks of this area allude to.


"Where are they? Where are my sections?"
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