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The Sterling Shipping Company was a British transoceanic shipping company. It was associated with the ill-fated Triple Crown Mining Company expedition, and provided the plane Cassandra, as well as the pilot (Nicolas Masson) and stewardess (Yasmin Chabani).[1][2]


The Sterling Shipping Company was a London-based British transoceanic shipping company founded in 1876, presumably by a member of the Sterling family. By 1937, the company was owned by Robert Sterling, who also co-founded the Triple Crown Mining Company with two other businessmen, Oscar March and William Garrison.[3] Alex Sterling was expected to succeed his father as the head of the company when the latter either died or retired.[4]

In early 1937, Triple Crown decided to send an expedition of experts to their newly acquired mine in the French Sudan to help increase productivity.[3] Robert Sterling provided the Cassandra, a Douglas DC-3 airplane, to transport the expedition to their final destination.[1]



  • The company's logo can be seen on the side of the Cassandra, as the company was its direct owner.[5]


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