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St. Dunstan's Church is the fifth (5th) level in Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs. It features a large church and a passage leading into the Factory.


The church is named after Saint Dunstan, Abbot of Glastonbury, Bishop of Worcester and London. He was notable for restoring secular life in England and reforming the English Church. He was the most popular saint in England for nearly two centuries.[citation needed]

In the game, however, Oswald Mandus constructed the church,[citation needed] seemingly out of charity to the poor and needy. Alas, the whole church was a devious trap which was intended to capture whole congregations of people and send them down to the factory via a secret tunnel beneath the altar.[citation needed]

Livestock and Bibles[]

Twin candles, bent to the will of the central saint, casting their light to the corners of the chapel. Father Jeremiah I thought could be trusted with the secret, but he is like all of the others. So the old priest has gone to the holding pens with his flock, he says he will enter into our world with them. A shepherd indeed.

Oswald's Documents, November 23rd, 1899.

The altar mechanism was activated by turning both candlesticks of the altar towards a plate in the middle and then pulling a handle in the room adjacent to the altar. The missing candlestick can be found at the back room.

A cage can be found in the bowels of the church, inside it, a man speaking a foreign language. It is unknown who this is, but it is possibly Father Jeremiah.

Beneath the church, there is a spacious cellar containing numerous cages, presumably for captured people. This is also the first place where Mandus truly encounters a Manpig and must avoid it. As you descend the staircase into the Church cellar, you will notice that the cellar is pretty dark, so the lantern is very needed at this part of the game. After you walk further in, the lantern will start flickering near a table with a note on it but don't worry. You will come across an intersection, in which a man's scream will be heard. Turn right until you see stairs leading further down. This is a good time to turn off your lantern because once you go down, a Wretch will run across you into the dark tunnels below. Follow it, and you can see one path is lit up by candles, and another path is very dark. Follow where the Wretch ran. You'll come across another intersection. Go left, and eventually, your lantern will flicker. Quickly turn it off and crouch in the corner. The Wretch will peacefully walk past you as long as you don't make a noise. Then sneak past it and make your way to the Factory.

The church's interior has oddities of its own. On the altar, two pig carcasses can be found. Even stranger are the stained glass images depicting some sort of engines, possibly the Machine, and what seems to be an idealized Manpig, holding up a heart torn from an ordinary pig. To either side of the altar is a statue of the baby Jesus-holding Virgin Mary with pig-like facial features.


"Do you see, Daniel? A whole other world – isn't it beautiful?"
The following section is written from an out-of-universe perspective.
  • Enter the room on your RIGHT for the note, and either doors in front of you or on your left leads you to the main area
  • The room on your left leads you to a storage room with note on the box and a candle somewhere on the shelves, bring it with you and the remaining door leads to the main area
  • With the candle with you, go to the end of this room, place the candle on the altar slab[behind the centre statue] where you see another candle is hanging. Once placed, turn both candles inwards. This will light the fire on the next room to your left (facing the candles)
  • Enter the room on your left and pull the lever, this will open a secret entrance in the middle and enter this entrance
  • Here bring up your flashlight as it is very dark in this area (Gamma alone isn’t enough) and keep following the path until you reach a downstairs. There’s a note on the table
  • Going downstairs, you’ll see a Wretch running in front of you. Following the path where the Wretch gone (or following the lit candles), you will eventually encounter the Wretch for the very first time. You need to hide somewhere on the corner, turn of the flashlight and use sounds as your clue when is it safe to move as there’s no Terror music happening for the cue. Once safe, enter “And so to the Stoking

Found Documents[]

  • November 23rd 1899 - In the first accessible room on your right as you enter the church, it sits on a small table.
  • Father Jeremiah's Journal, October 1st 1899 - Up the stairs, and into a storage room on your right, it can be found on a box at the far end of the room.
  • These final thoughts - After you open the secret passage in the Church, follow the path filled with cages and you should see it on a table to your right after a while.


These are all the phonographs found in the Church:

Found in the back room at the Church, near the staircase.

"Your faith shackles your vision Professor, it is an iron coffin that keeps you from grasping the future. We require a new deity, one of steam and the wheel, of magnetism and progress. The old God is nothing more than a lamed hog, spitting back offal at mankind."


  • Several graves in the graveyard have the black eagle insignia, coupled with the fact that Mandus built the church and that the same insignia can be found repeatedly in his mansion, this could be further evidence to some sort of relation to the Brennenburg events.
  • One grave also features strange symbols also found in the Inner Sanctum.
  • There's a partially buried body of a Manpig alongside a regular pig in one of the graves of the graveyard.
  • In the church, you can find a candlestick. Carrying the candle to the part of the church with a small set of stairs will get it stuck in mid-air. This is most likely a glitch.
  • Although not entirely visible, the pipes of the church organ located above the entrance are most likely placed upside down. Typically, the majority of pipes in an organ are tapered at the bottom.
  • If one were to look at both maps for the Alley and the Church, they would notice that it would not make sense for the maps to fit together, as the actual church building would be obstructed by the roads in the Alley.
    • A possible explanation to this is that there is an unseen transition between two doors which are the entrance to this level and the exit from the previous.
  • It is highly possible that the massive door seen in the Church is the same massive door that can be seen from the inaccessible streets of the Alley.