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Welcome to the Amnesia Wiki! This portal lists some of the pages you might like to use as you help out around the site.


To get in touch with the community – whether you're looking to discuss the Amnesia Wiki, the Amnesia series, games by Frictional Games in general, or wiki editing in general – the following links might get you where you want!

  • Community corner – A place to ask any questions regarding the Wiki or the games, or to share fanworks or talk about your favourite mods!
  • Recent changes – Shows what's currently going on on the wiki.
  • Admins & moderators – Feel free to ask these people if there's anything you're wondering!
  • Talk pages – These should be used to discuss changes or ask questions about articles.
  • Comments – Less formal than a traditional talk page, the article page comment sections may be used to talk about the content of the page and the series overall, rather than just talking about things related to actual page structure and content.
  • Leaderboard – Check out the achievements leaderboard, and try to contribute to the wiki as much as possible to and you may eventually snag their place on the leaderboard!
  • FG Discord – The Frictional Games Official Discord is a great place to hang out!
  • Amnesia Reddit – The Amnesia Reddit is a great place to talk about the game series.

Getting started

Unfamiliar with how wiki editing works? No worries, the following links will guide you through the process!

  • Rules – First and foremost, make sure you're familiar with the basic rules and policies of the wiki.
  • Manual of Style – The Manual of Style is the basic style guideline for how all article pages on the Amnesia Wiki should ideally be structured. If you have any questions regarding best practices or rules when editing, refer to this document!
  • Fandom University – This is a great resource if you need to familiarise yourself with FANDOM wikis and the MediaWiki software.
  • Help – The Help pages will contain the answer to most of your questions regarding wiki editing!
  • The Sandbox – The Sandbox can be used to practice editing risk-free, in a non-destructive environment. Go crazy!

Things to do

  • Locate and mark articles that need expanding as article stubs
    • There may be articles that are short enough to qualify as stubs. Different editors follow different rules of thumb that help them decide when an article is a stub. To decide whether an article should be qualified as a stub or not, refer to Wikipedia: How big is too big?, and use your own discretion.

      If you consider an article to be a stub, please mark it as such by adding the stub template, {{Stub}}, at the top of the article.

  • Create links to orphaned pages
    • An orphaned page is an article that has no other pages linking to it. Ideally, every page on the wiki should be reachable from every other page, so finding places that can link to these pages is a great way to help out!

  • Create links on dead end pages
    • On the flip side of orphaned pages, there are dead end pages. These are pages that contain no links on them, and as such, need links added to them. Other pages may contain some, but not a sufficient, amount of links. For guidelines on linking, refer to AW:MOS:LINKS.

  • Put uncategorised pages into appropriate categories
    • All article pages should be sorted into at least one category, following the guidelines laid out here. All categories and their explanations can be found at Amnesia Wiki:Categories, and any newly created categories should be added to this page.

      Other than article pages, all files, templates, and categories should be sorted into appropriate categories as well.

  • Create or remove wanted categories
    • A wanted category is a category page which has not been created, but that pages has been sorted into anyways. If the category is valuable for when it comes to navigation, then it needs to be created, categorised properly, and documented on Amnesia Wiki:Categories. If it's superfluous or otherwise unwanted, the category tag should be removed from all pages where it can be found.

  • Consider if there are any long pages that could benefit from being split into smaller articles
    • If a page is too long, it may be cumbersome to read and navigate. You can nominate pages for splitting by adding the {{Split}} notice to the beginning of an article. This will sort the page into Category:Split.

  • Consider if there are any short pages that could benefit from being merged into a longer article
    • Similarly, very short articles with similar information may need to be merged to provide a better overview on a topic. You can nominate pages for merging by use of the {{Merge}} notice. This will sort the page into Category:Merge.
  • Write a new article!
    • The bread and butter of any wiki is its content. Thus, the most appreciated editors are the ones who are not only willing to expand on already existing articles, but who are also willing to sit down and create entirely new, high quality articles on subjects that need, but hasn't gotten, their own page yet.

      If you are looking for a subject to write about, you can look through the list of wanted articles and pick freely!

  • Resolve issues within articles
    • Some articles may have miscellaneous issues; such as containing out-of-date information, unfinished infoboxes, or not using wikitext markup. The relevant issue(s) with the article will be detailed through the use of a notice at the top of the page.

  • Cite statements that aren't cited properly
    • To ensure that all information on the wiki is correct and not speculation or personal interpretation, statements on pages should be cited properly, using ref tags, with the references listed at the bottom. If you find a statement that you know to be false, it should be deleted; but if you know it to be true but it isn't cited, please cite it properly!

      To note that a statement needs to be cited, you can add {{Cite}} following the statement to sort it into the citations needed category. For more information on how to cite properly, see AW:MOS:CITE.

  • Resolve broken and double redirects
    • A broken redirect is a redirect page that links to a page which does not exist; and a double redirect is a redirect page that redirects to another redirect page, and is therefore not functional. The MediaWiki software has no good way of handling these situations, and they therefore need to be resolved manually.

      You can read more on redirects over at AW:MOS:REDIRECT.

  • Add new templates, or write documentation for templates that are undocumented
    • Templates are a great way to add new information to articles quickly and easily, and adding new and helpful templates is a great way to help out. Another great way to help out is writing documentation for already existing templates, so that anyone who wishes to use them will know how they work, and how they should be used.

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