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"I am begging you. You made me. You are my Creator, my Father. You cannot destroy me!"
This article is about content that ended up unused or was removed during production.

The Sorcerer is a monster who was ultimately scrapped during the early development of Amnesia: The Dark Descent.


Grunt early concepts01

The Sorcerer's description found in the Grunt's earlier concept art gallery.

According to the enemy description list located in the collection image of the Servant Grunt's old concept artworks by Jonas Steinick Berlin, the Sorcerer is described as a "supernaturally nasty" monster with male and female parts, tattoos/carvings for its nude body, a large brain (with tightened/cracked skin for the cranium), and a stomach infested with ingrown, crying baby heads. It is unknown if the creature is intended to be related to the Gatherers or its own kind.

Besides its physical appearance details, no identified models or concept arts exist, since how far the Sorcerer went into development before ending up rejected from the final release of The Dark Descent is unconfirmed.