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"They weren't looking forward to visitors, were they?"
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"Please, call me Soldat Boisrond."
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I want to die at the hands of a brother soldier, not that monster!

Boisrond's final, ironic request to Henri ― 21st of July, 1916

Sdt. Boisrond is a supporting character in Amnesia: The Bunker. He was a French soldier stationed along the Western Front of the First World War.[3] He is voiced by Argentinian actor Ben Cura.[4]


Early life[]

Boisrond was likely born somewhere in France.[3] Due to the requirement to complete a period of military service upon adulthood, Toussaint would have been conscripted into the army for a few years before becoming a reservist.[5] At the beginning of the war, he was presumably selected during general mobilization and was then sent to the front to help repel the advance of the German army. Boisrond held the rank of "Soldat," which was equivalent to a private. At some point during the first half of the conflict, he and his unit were stationed at or transferred to a frontline bunker.

Events preceding Amnesia: The Bunker[]

On April 10th, Boisrond posted a notice to all of the other men responsible for refueling the generator about the associated fire hazards, admonishing them about the correct conduct for transporting fuel to the generator.[6] Such conduct included using sturdy metal canisters rather than glass containers to store and move petrol, not light any kind of fires, and to clean up and dispose of any fuel spills with rags.[6]

Sometime later, Boisrond posted another notice that if the men needed to remove grates, they would have to request the Ferret spanner from Foreman Stafford; furthermore, Boisrond also noted the inefficiency of removing normal grates with a specialized wrench.[7]

On July 16th, Boisrond and the others were in the mess hall when the Beast came out from one of its holes and tried to kill him; however, Sdt. Farber jumped in front of Boisrond and shot the Beast. The men believed it had gone off to die, but some ten minutes later it came back and killed Farber, dragging him into the wall as the man screamed for salvation.[8]

Events of Amnesia: The Bunker[]

By the time Henri Clément awoke from his coma, Boisrond was among the last remaining survivors from the bunker’s garrison. He made plans to blow open the exit the officers had sealed but was mortally wounded before he could do it. He took refuge in the kitchen in the officer mess hall where he was later discovered by Henri sitting up against a crate, having a final smoke.

Boisrond advised Henri to escape and upon hearing the Beast moving through the walls, gave him his revolver, pleading with him to end his life by retrieving two bullets in the pantry. However, Boisrond was quickly dragged away by the Beast into a hole behind the crate before Henri could euthanize him.

Shell Shock mode[]

In Shell Shock mode, Boisrond and his segment are removed entirely. The revolver is instead kept in a locker, and the padlock on the door leading to Administration is absent.



Sdt. Boisrond appeared to have been an honorable man, as he asked Henri for a merciful death by a comrade-in-arms, showing his appreciation for chivalric ideals, as well as his contempt of the cowardly officers. He was also tough and battle-hardened, as he was casually smoking a cigarette despite being mortally injured and he expressed resignation to his fate; however, he preferred not to suffer any further at the hands of the Beast. Through notes, he's found to be annoyed by how many of his compatriots treat the fuel as if it isn't a fire risk.[6]

Physical appearance[]

Boisrond has light grey eyes, brown hair, and appears to be of average height. By the events of Amnesia: The Bunker, his hair is unkempt and he sports an unruly beard. His exact age is unknown; however, due to his service in the wartime French Army, his physical appearance, and his grizzled-sounding voice, he is likely between thirty-five and forty-five years of age.[2]


Boisrond wore the standard uniform of his rank, albeit lacking the coat. His uniform is bloodied and dirty by the time Henri finds him.


  • « Henri, hah. Thought I was the last one. We're trapped down here. The rat-fucking officers ran and blew the exit behind them. »

Trivia and Speculation[]

  • Boisrond is the last living French soldier inside the bunker proper, besides Henri at the start of the game, not including the Roman tunnels. In Shellshock mode he is already dead, having died sometime after writing his last note. Henri instead acquires the revolver from G. Travers' locker.
  • A version of Boisrond's model can later be found in the Chapel as a corpse. This model sports a long beard compared to Boisrond's short one.
  • After Boisrond is dragged away by the beast, two bricks will spawn from the crate he was resting upon, allowing the player to save a bullet by using one of them to break the padlock instead.
  • How exactly Boisrond ended up in the pantry is up for debate. All the other entrances to it via the pathways to the infirmary are locked off, with one of them being blocked with a padlock opposite of the way to get in. Given Boisrond claimed in his note at the exit that he was going off to find the dynamite and plunger, why he would be in the pantry, an area blocked off from the main bunker and not on the pathway to both items, is questionable unless he was the one to apply the padlock to the door for whatever reason, most likely to keep the Beast out.[speculation]
  • The blood trail leading to the pantry implies Boisrond was injured somewhere right outside the door. This would implicate he got his crippling wounds while inside the dining room. However, why he would lock himself off from the rest of the bunker, given his objective of finding the items necessary to blow open the exit and escape the bunker, is unknown. A likely sequence of events is that Boisrond was pursued by the Beast into the mess area, where he applied the padlock; however, he was likely then attacked by the Beast in the dining hall, spent all his ammunition to force it to retreat, before going into the pantry to hide and wait to bleed out.[speculation]
  • Boisrond will be dragged away by the Beast regardless of whether the player gets the revolver or its ammunition first making it impossible to euthanize him. In the case of the latter, the revolver will be dropped on the ground just before he disappears so the player isn't locked out of retrieving it.
  • A headshot of Boisrond appears in the achievement toot sweet, he has his chin up and raised high in the thumbnail of it. The speedrun aspect of the achievement could possibly be in reference to Boisrond's attempt to escape the bunker prior to his mortal wounding.
  • Boisrond requests Henri to euthanize him so he can "die at the hands of a brother soldier". Given that the beast is a heavily mutated Augustin Lambert, Boisrond technically got his wish.



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