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This is a page containing all quotes for Sokal.


With the Blessing of a King[]

This section contains Sokal dialogue present in "With the Blessing of a King", from the Remember short story collection.

Opening the passageway[]

[Sokal uncertainly checks the wall.]
[Weyer studies the stone until he finds a star-shaped soapstone embedded therein. He tries to pick it out unsuccessfully.]
French Captain
“Help him, you fool.”
[thinking] We are at war, for God’s sake, he will have me charged with treason – unless he kills me on the spot.
[Sokal takes out his knife and wedges the stone out.]
[Weyer thanks Sokal and pushes him aside to work. Sokal contemplates the stone.]
[Weyer imitates lifting of the stone door.]
Johann Weyer
“Si'l vous plait.”
[Sokal and his fellow soldier look at each other and laugh incredulously.]
Johann Weyer
“Non, non, de rien.”
[Weyer explains the situation to the Captain in German.]
[The Captain nods to his soldiers. The two lift the soldier effortlessly.]
[Weyer exlaimed at the soldiers, as the stone slab's counterweight breaks. It falls onto Sokal's shoulder.]
“I can’t move my arm!”
French Captain
“Walk it off, child.”
“Look, he is securing it right now.”
[Weyer wedges the door open. Sokal waits at the entrance, while the others go inside.]

Waiting on the outside[]

[A light faintly glimmers in the orb chamber.]
“Un sphere? Magnifique!”
“What is it? What’s going on?!”
[Sokal feels uneasy. He limps over, grabbing the soapstone.]
[Sokal realizes everything turned quiet.]
“Hey, guys!”
[The orb chamber glows with blue light and fills with sound. Weyer protects himself by strange signs.]
(to himself)
[Inside the chamber, the lights and sounds change horribly.]

After shutting the passageway[]

[Sokal looks at Weyer pleadingly.]
Why would you show us this?
Johann Weyer
“I am sorry. Je suis désolé.