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The tests have been going well. The most long term, and in a sense the most promising one, is the Light Box. Having Justine choose a slide, essentially a mood, for every day is a great way to see the larger overall development of her mind.

Part of Monsieur Florbelle's note on testing Justine's mind.
Slide preview

Slides are an item in the DLC Amnesia: Justine. There are four of them, and are all found in the Library. To see what the slides contain, they must be used on the projector. The slides are also a tool used in either killing or sparing the life of Father David, who is trapped in an unseen torture apparatus.

When the slides are inserted into the projector, they portray an anonymous man making different poses:

  • Slide 1: Open arms, facing left
  • Slide 2: Holding a sword, facing left
  • Slide 3: Kneeling, facing right
  • Slide 4: Arms akimbo, facing right

Although the slides themselves are not enough to convey any useful information, reading the "Soul Journal Entries" will elaborate further on each slide being negative or positive, as they are connected to Justine's experiences as a child.

There is a receptacle for the slides on the other side of Father David's trap, as well as a lever. Only two slides can be placed into it. The only way to free Father David is to place slide #4 on the top and slide #3 below that, then pull the lever. Pulling the lever with the wrong slides, or no slides at all, will kill Father David by ripping him apart.

The slides can be recollected after dealing with Father David, although this provides no use, as the slides are no longer needed afterward, and will sit in the inventory without further use.