Sir William Smith is a character who appears in Amnesia: The Dark Descent, based on the real-life person of the same name. He was a geologist and a victim of The Shadow. According to one of Daniel's diary entries, he died on July 4th, 1839.

History Edit

Amnesia: The Dark Descent Edit

A few months before the beginning of the game, Daniel returned to England, having a collection of things with him, including the broken orb from the Tomb of Tin Hinan. On June 25th, 1839, Daniel realized that the several pieces of the shattered orb were behaving very strangely as if they were changing colours and shape constantly. Daniel was frightened and eventually met Smith. While having a conversation, Smith explained to him the nature of glass and how they collapse at the end, like ice, melting after many centuries. Almost a week later, he was killed in the night before July 5th, 1839. It is possible that Smith was an impediment on The Shadow's path to reclaim the orb from Daniel.

Diaries Edit

5th July 1839 Edit

Today I went to the university looking for answers. I was able to sneak into Herbert's office and pick up an address book along with some relevant textbooks.

Professor Taylor at the faculty of history was very helpful and I managed to approach the subject of the orbs. The most interesting aspect was the prevalent trace they had left in our culture. The mythic orbs may, in fact, have inspired the Globus Cruciger which so many royal regalias holds to this day. In ancient times the orbs were held by priests as a symbol of the sun and its power.

As I was leaving I overheard a disturbing conversation. Sir William Smith, the geologist, was killed last night. Less than a fortnight had passed since I'd asked for his expertise. I know it's silly, but I can't help feeling responsible somehow.

25th of June 1839 Edit

I feel the need to continue this journal, even though it was intended for my journey in Africa. This must be something very important, I just know it. I've taken it upon myself to piece the orb back together, but it's been more difficult than one might think. The pieces are behaving strangely. They seem to change color, shape and texture, but ever so slightly.

Yesterday I took careful measurements and notated any significant markings. Today, I confirmed my suspicions. They were changing. I was terrified and rushed off to see the finest geologist in London, Sir William Smith. I approached the subject with care, and we discussed how rocks change form. He told me about the nature of glass, how it eventually collapses on itself, like ice slowly melting over the course of centuries.

Smith eased my mind a bit, but I can't escape the feeling that these shards have otherworldly properties.

Trivia Edit

  • It is highly possible that Smith is one of the Brutes within Brennenburg that are restlessly hunting Daniel, as evidenced by this diary by Daniel.
    • The note states: "(...)They're all dead. Limbs scattered, heads split down the middle, their skin flayed as if boiled. (...)" These characteristics are highly reminiscent of the Brute.
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