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Shotgun shells are a weapon resource item from Amnesia: The Bunker.[note 1] They are boxes that Henri Clement can pickup, containing single cartridges to supply his shotgun; furthermore, the shotgun cannot be used at all without any shotgun shells as ammunition.[note 2][note 1]

The shotgun can store up to seven shotgun shells at a time. Shotgun shells are stored separately in Henri's inventory, so they do not take up any inventory item slots. There also seems to be no limit on the total amount of ammunition that can be picked up.

Shells will become more scarce the higher the game's difficulty is set. Playing in Custom Mode allows the amount of shells found in the game to be set independently.


  • Although the unit is a box which commonly holds multiple cartridges, and although the name of the item is plural upon pickup—as "shotgun shells"—one box of shotgun shells found in the game offers only a single round for player use. This can cause confusion among inattentive players.
    • The item pickup and inventory icon also show two cartridges sitting next to the box. This may further prevent the realization of inattentive players as to the exact number of Shotgun Shells acquired.


  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 For the sake of clarity, the proper name of this inventory item is always "shotgun shells" or "shotgun shell," not "shotgun cartridge."
  2. A "cartridge" is the term for a single pre-assembled unit of ammunition for firearms. A "shell," or "shotshell," is specifically a specialized, cylindrical cartridge developed for shotguns, as instead of a single bullet, they contain "shot"—i.e. a variable number and mass of smaller spherical bullets.