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This article contains spoilers for Amnesia: The Bunker. Proceed with caution.

The shotgun is a powerful weapon item from Amnesia: The Bunker. It can be found on the body of Toussaint Beaufoy after killing him in the Roman Tunnels and, on subsequent playthroughs, in the locker of A. Fortin in the Mission Storage.


The shotgun is a smooth-bore long gun and is designed to fire shells full of shot pellets, which spread out as they're fired out the gun barrel, reducing the need for accuracy when aiming. It is more difficult to get to than the revolver sidearm given to Henri Clement earlier in the game, and shells for the shotgun are even rarer and more invaluable than the bullets for the revolver. The shotgun can be used to ward off the Beast. The shotgun can store up to a total of 7 rounds.[note 1]

The shotgun seems to be most closely based on the American issue trench guns, greatly resembling the Winchester Model 1897.[1] As the shotgun is an essential item, it cannot be dropped from the inventory, but can be placed in the Storage Box.

When entering the Roman Tunnels, Henri will encounter Toussaint Beaufoy, a fellow soldier who has lost his sanity and is spending the remainder of his time roaming the ruins and constantly spouting nonsense, although he is blind, as he has removed his own eyes. Toussaint is equipped with the shotgun, firing it toward the origin of almost every sound he hears, including Henri himself. He can be killed in self-defense, and have his shotgun taken for extra ammo, or he can be avoided completely. Acquiring the shotgun grants the achievement Cannonier.

If the player has acquired the shotgun beforehand, the one that Toussaint drops cannot be collected. This is the case regardless of if the player's shotgun is in the Storage Box or in their inventory. The reverse of this is also true, meaning that if the shotgun Toussaint drops is the one the player collects first, another shotgun cannot be added to the inventory if found elsewhere.

The shotgun can be used to kill rats as well. The achievement, Extreme Ratter, is granted for killing one or more rats with the shotgun. Additionally, the shotgun can blast open wooden doors; doing so once grants the achievement Improviser.


  • A shotgun's appearance in The Bunker is unusual. Historically, neither the French nor the British Armies supplied their soldiers with many shotguns.[1] Their shotguns were generally of the "double-barreled," "break-action" variety, thus they not widely utilized, for the reason of difficult logistics and slow reloading.[1]
    • Further, the United States had not yet entered the war by mid-1916, when the game takes place; the USA would enter World War I one year later, in April 1917.[2] It's thus unclear why there would be an American shotgun in the possession of a French army division.
    • Additionally, the shotgun that appears in-game is of the "takedown" variety sold by Winchester, which was never used by the USA during World War 1; only shotguns of "solid frame" construction were ever issued to the American Expeditionary Force for the duration of the war. this would suggest the shotgun used for reference while modeling was a 2nd World War (or later) 1897 Trenchgun.
    • When Toussaint Beaufoy wields the shotgun, the weapon seems to have infinite ammo, as he can fire it constantly, and is never seen reloading any shells into it.


  1. This is because the shotgun can hold "6 rounds and 1", i.e. six rounds stored in the tubular magazine and one round loaded into the "chamber" (where the round is stored ready to be fired). By convention, accounting for this possible extra capacity is sometimes written as "6+1."


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