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"They weren't looking forward to visitors, were they?"
This article contains spoilers for Amnesia: The Bunker. Proceed with caution.
Bunker bleeding preview

Henri bleeding, with a rat following him.

Shell Shock Mode is an additional gameplay mode for Amnesia: The Bunker, available on the Windows version, as well as on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox Series X|S.[1][2] It increases the difficulty of the game and adds new complexity for veteran players. Shell Shocked mode is currently the hardest non-custom difficulty available to the player.



Amnesia- The Bunker - Halloween Update Trailer

Trailer for the 2023 Halloween Update, introducing Shell Shock mode.

Shell Shock mode was announced on 14 September, 2023, as one of several then-upcoming features for Amnesia: The Bunker, when director Frederik Olson described it as "Shell shocked mode," where there would be "no time to rest."[3][4] The tweet included a 15 second video trailer, with gameplay demonstration of a major feature of Shell Shock mode, that opening the player inventory would not pause the game.[3] The mode was teased alongside a Custom mode around the same time for the Halloween update.[5]

Shell Shock mode was released with the Halloween Update for PC, Xbox X|S, and PS4 (as version 1.70), on 25 October, 2023.[1][2][6]


Far more difficult than Normal mode, Shell Shock mode has the following differences:

Fuse system[]

The fuse system is comprised of boxes that can be found in each of the sub-levels of the bunker, used to insert fuses to power that area when the generator is up and running. To power one of the sub-levels, the player has to insert a fuse into the sub-level's box, then pull the lever downwards until the fuse is unobtainable, and closed off inside the box.

Fuses need to be found, and can be reused on other boxes if removed to power other sub-levels. To remove a fuse from the box, just pull the box lever upwards and remove the fuse from the socket. A fuse is required along with a powered generator to get the Arsenal code in communications. The Arsenal itself needs power due to needing a working pump to lower the water level that blocks the way to the Roman Tunnels. Another is required in the prison so that the cell doors can be opened to retrieve the bolt cutters. The maintenance wing is the only part of the bunker that does not require a fuse to help the player progress in it.

Beast behavior[]

The Beast is far more aggressive, present, and reactive to what the player does compared to Hard mode. It takes less to anger the Beast when it hears sounds, meaning that it will crawl out of walls much more often, making stealth even more important than before. It will also crawl out of walls at a faster speed. Similar to Hard mode, the Beast is more unpredictable, meaning that it can exit walls at random times.

Additionally, bullets no longer make the Beast retreat, but will still slow it down. Only explosions, gas, and fire make the Beast retreat.

Fuel storage[]

In the Maintenance sub-level, the fuel storage room is now locked and needs a code to be opened. A new note reveals Millard has the code, thus his corpse and accompanying dog tag must be located to open the door.[citation needed][The new note(s) shall need to be added to Notes (The Bunker).]

The Administration room[]

Both doors to the administration room are now destructible. This means that the safe area is reduced to the generator room, which has a metal door that can be bolted shut. After a hole is dug into the administration room by the beast, the safe room music is still absent inside the generator room, despite being completely safe.

Saving cost[]

Saving consumes generator fuel. This creates situations where the player must balance their fuel use between saving the game, powering the generator to help keep the Beast away and complete objectives, and dousing corpses in order to light them so that rats are not blocking a much-needed path.

Torch burn-time[]

The torches will burn away at a much faster rate - even faster than Hard difficulty, taking away a decent chunk even with short use.

Shotgunner reactivity[]

Toussaint Beaufoy in the Roman Tunnels now has maximum reactivity in aiming his shotgun at Henri, making him far more dangerous than he was in standard Hard mode. His very quick reaction time puts more focus on carefully avoiding him, or quickly killing him.

No pausing[]

Checking inventory and reading notes do not pause the game as they did in easier difficulties, making the player very vulnerable when viewing those things. The player must now be more aware of their surroundings before checking their inventory, crafting something, or simply reading notes. Therefore, the player must check these things while enemies are not around, or far enough away that no harm will come to them.

Health versus bleeding[]

Managing health is also more difficult in Shell Shock mode, as players are now able to bleed when taking damage, and bandages no longer heal the player by a small amount. Instead, bandages only stop bleeding, as the only way to heal is the use of a medkit. Bleeding will slowly lessen the amount of the player's health over time, until eventually reaching the lowest amount. Note that the lower the player's health, the slower they move while also attracting rats, making exploration much more dangerous as they will eventually swarm and attack the player if they're low enough.

Grenade blast radius[]

Grenades have a longer blast radius, making grenade traps much more dangerous. This also means that the player should take caution in how they use grenades, as they must be farther away from the grenade when it explodes. The grenade's extra radius also works for the player, making it easier to kill enemies with it.

No starting revolver[]

The player can no longer collect the revolver from Sdt. Boisrond at the start of the game, and must instead find it in a locker.

Randomized lockers[]

Locker locations are randomized,[And contents? Verify and clarify.] meaning that the player must check every possible location. Until a firearm is found, the player has no means of self-defense aside from certain items. Since lockers are randomized, finding their contents, as well as their codes, is also an extra challenge.

Tips and Strategies[]

General strategies[]

  • If the game is saved while the generator has a large amount of fuel, and you explore an area that has little to no resources, granting little progress, then it may be best to reload the save and check a different area instead.
  • Consider saving the game if a considerable amount of progress has been made, even if the generator is low or empty, as dying will lose all of it.
  • If you are confident of your use of time, you can place the pocket watch in the storage box to open up an inventory slot. You should also do this if you're not planning on turning it on for a while, as there's no reason to carry it around unless the generator is running.

Fuel management[]

  • Manage fuel well; carefully consider which use of fuel is more important depending on the very moment.
    • If a lot of progress was made, then consider saving the game, as dying would lose all of that hard-earned progress.
    • If progress is not as much of an issue, then consider fueling the generator to help keep the Beast away.
    • If both progress and generator fuel is not a big issue at the moment, then consider dousing a rat-infested corpse and lighting it if the corpse is blocking an area that you will frequently travel to, or if it leads to an area to progress the game.
  • It is best to use fuel bottles for saving the game, and fuel canisters for filling the generator, as saving the game consumes the entire item regardless of the amount inside.
  • Only use fuel to complete mission critical objectives—e.g. powering the radio in Communications to hear the code for the Arsenal. Fuel should not be used purely as a deterrent to the Beast, as not only is fuel limited, but the fuel storage is locked, and you might run out of naturally spawning petrol needed to further progress before accessing it.
  • Try to unlock the fuel storage as fast as possible, so that you have a near-infinite supply of fuel.
  • Due to how quickly torches burn in this mode, they should be put away as fast as possible after scaring rats away. Try using meat instead, if it's available.
    • It is best to craft multiple torches, to compensate for their fast burn time.

Ammunition management[]

  • The amount of ammunition is much lower than in previous difficulties, manage it carefully.
    • Try to not waste ammo in the Beast, unless it is a life or death situation, as that ammunition can be used to make progress. This includes lighting corpses on fire, shooting explosive barrels to remove wooden doors blocking much-needed areas, etc.
    • Try to have some ammo left over for the final part of the game: the showdown with the Beast in the Arena. Once the Beast tries to grab on to a ledge to pull himself up, ammo will be needed to shoot him to make him let go.
  • Save grenades and gas grenades for the endgame, as they can be very useful in lessening paths the Beast can take during the showdown in the Arena.
    • It may be in the player's best interest to use flares to light up gas-soaked corpses instead of grenades, as grenades will be useful in blowing up wooden doors.
  • Avoid touching as many traps as possible. Once the bolt cutters are collected, traps can be revisited and disarmed to collect the items.

Dealing with the Beast[]

  • Use bottles to distract the Beast, especially if the generator is out, and you're stuck in the dark. One distraction created with a thrown bottle can open an escape route for you.
  • Since bullets do not make the Beast retreat back into the walls, well-placed explosive barrels can do so instead. They can be placed into areas where the Beast is likely walk and attempt to smash it, since the Beast will destroy anything in his path.
  • You can block the Beast's access to an area with gas grenades—just be sure not to throw where you will trap yourself. If you have the gas mask, you can stand in the origin of the gas, so that the Beast won't go near you.
  • Once you're in the Roman Tunnels, be sure not to skip the chance to get the rabbit toy, as it will give you one free chance to escape the Beast's attacks. The toy will reappear back in the Maintenance area's chapel after one use. Be sure to collect it before you face the Beast in the Arena, as it will make a great distraction for escaping, manipulating the pathways, or trying to destroy the wooden walkway the Beast may be standing on.

Dealing with Toussaint[]

  • Stay far away from Toussaint Beaufoy, the shotgunner in the Roman Tunnels, is best when dealing with him. His reaction time is very fast in this mode; he can aim and fire almost instantly if you're too close to him.
  • The tip to making use of empty bottles for distraction applies for the encounter with the shotgunner. Many bottles are placed in that area for that very reason. Use these bottles to lead him away from you.
    • An explosive barrel often spawns in the Roman Tunnels, try throwing a bottle at one, as he may fire at this barrel and blow himself up.
  • Putting on the gas mask will make the ghostly silhouettes in the Roman Tunnels disappear, however, your hearing will be muffled, making it more difficult to pinpoint where the shotgunner is.
  • Making use of gas grenades to repel the shotgunner from a desired area is easier than for the Beast, as the former is blind.


Beating the game on Shell Shock Mode unlocks the "In Recovery" achievement on PC and Xbox or the trophy on PS4.


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