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Daniel! Turn around this instant. You are carrying the Shadow with you!

Alexander telepathically communicating with Daniel as the latter enters the Sewer.

The Sewer is located under Brennenburg Castle, and is the twenty-first area explored in Amnesia: The Dark Descent.


As the Sewer has become contaminated with toxic fungi due to the damp environment created when the underground spring runs dry, you will need to be vaccinated with blood from a corpse located in the Morgue in order to pass through unharmed. The sewer water must be redirected to the Cistern before accessing the Sewer.

Brutes patrol the Sewer, and it appears one tore down a gate blocking one of the paths.


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Light sources[]

0 Candles, 0 Torches, 0 Lamps and 0 Fires


1. Triggers near the spinning water wheel.


"Do you see, Daniel? A whole other world – isn't it beautiful?"
The following section is written from an out-of-universe perspective.
  • Going down the ladder and forward, a Brute will spawn in the room ahead. It is a hallucination, though, so you can run right up to it to make it vanish into a puff of smoke instead of hiding, if you want.
  • Ahead is a spinning water wheel blocking the way forward. You will have to find a way to stop it.
  • To the left of the wheel, you will eventually come to a room with an oil barrel and a machine with two sliding levers with three notches. The sound of the machine will change when you adjust the levers. It will be quietest when the lever on the left (marked "I") is in the leftmost position (small gear) and the lever on the right (marked "II") is in the rightmost position (large gear).
  • Shortly after leaving the room, a Brute will spawn nearby. Go back into the room and hide.
  • Returning to the water wheel, you will see that it has slowed down. However, you still need something to jam it.
  • Going to the right of the wheel, you will find a loose pipe. Grab it and move it up and down a few times to break it off, allowing you to pick it up.
    • A tinderbox is found in an open pipe on the way.
  • Using the Pipe on the water wheel will jam it, allowing you to proceed.
  • Directly ahead, the way is blocked by some bars. You are forced to go up the stairs to the right, to a room covered in the Shadow's flesh. A bottle of Laudanum is on the floor to the left of the doorway at the back of the room.
  • Going back down the stairs, a Brute will spawn behind the bars and tear them down. Return to the room and hide past the doorway at the far end, on the left side.
    • The Brute will enter the room regardless if it has noticed you or not, but it will simply look around for a short time before leaving.
  • Passing the now-destroyed bars, the danger music will indicate the presence of another Brute, but no matter how long you wait, the music will not change. This is due to this particular Brute having the unique property of never leaving on its own. It is standing in front of the exit, guarding it. Instead of hiding, you will have to distract it.
  • On both sides of the circular area, there are rock piles in nooks of the wall. The pile at the further end has a bottle of Laudanum. Grab a rock and throw it somewhere to lure the Brute away. Go around the other side to the exit.
  • Approaching the door will spawn a Brute directly behind you! Open the door and quickly close it behind you to stall the Brute while you run for the exit. You do not need to close the second door, as closing the first will slow down the Brute enough for you to get away. Climb the ladder at the end to exit to the Nave.


Puzzle items[]


  • Take the first right as soon as you enter the Sewer, and follow the corridor until you see a large pipe sticking out of the wall. The tinderbox is inside the pipe.(112)


  • There are no oil canisters in this area.
  • An oil barrel can be found in the room with the gear controls.


  • In the tiny room with the Grunt that has been ripped to pieces.
  • Hidden behind a bunch of rocks as you sneak up on the stationary Brute, blocking the way to the Nave.


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  • The first Brute encountered when you first descend the ladder is a hallucination. If approached, it will vanish.
  • The deceased Grunt found in the back room appears to be split into pieces, but appears to have two normal arms compared to the actual body of a grunt, which consists of a normal arm and a swollen club. This is most likely an error or mistake made by developers, especially considering that Grunts are not otherwise killed in the game.
  • The dead Grunt is in the same room as a Shadow infestation, but because it appears to have been sliced, it could have been killed by a Brute rather than the Shadow, and the Shadow's presence is a coincidence.[speculation]
  • The Sewer is possibly the lowest level in the game, as indicated by the ladders at both the entrance from the Cistern Entrance and the exit to the Nave.
  • In the room with the mutilated grunt, there is a collapsed hallway. Behind it you can hear roaring and dust coming from behind.
  • No matter how far from his initial spot you were able to distract the last brute, when you touch the door at the end of the passage he is guarding, he will teleport to his initial spot and immediately start chasing you. After you climb the ladder to the Nave a little bit he will retreat and eventually despawn. However, if you decide to climb down the ladder and return to it and start climbing again after some time, a new brute will spawn at the entrance of the room with the ladder and will try to attack you (in vain) with despawning happening again after he turns around and walks away. Interestingly, this procedure can be repeated infinitely many times with new brutes spawning every time.


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