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"Please, call me Sergeant Fournier."
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Sergeant Fournier was a soldier of the French Foreign Legion, stationed in the Algerian desert at Al-Mamaru Fort.[3] He is a minor character in Amnesia: Rebirth.


Sergeant Fournier was a member of the French garrison at Al-Mamaru Fort, where he was noted for his disdain for both Captain Lefevre and the local Kel Hanan.[3]


Early life[]

Nothing is known about Sergeant Fournier before he was assigned to Al-Mamaru Fort. However, he was very likely not French by birth, due to being a non-commissioned officer in the French Foreign Legion.[2] However, it is possible, if unlikely, that he was of French origin, but served under another nationality.[2] If he was a Frenchman, then he probably would have joined the Foreign Legion for its elite status and prestige or because he was unable to join the regular French army for other reasons, such as a criminal past.[2]

Recruits enlist under an assumed name, but can request to use their real name after their first year of service.[2] As Fournier was a Sergeant, he would have had to serve four years in the Legion at a minimum.[2] If the sergeant didn’t decide to use his true name, it would make the surname “Fournier” a possible pseudonym.

Algerian posting[]

At some point, Sergeant Fournier was assigned to the garrison at Al-Mamaru Fort, an outpost in the Algerian desert. He despised Captain Lefevre for his relatively fair treatment of the Kel Hanan, whom Fournier considered little more than sadistic savages.[3] He was quick to blame them for any disappearances or misfortunes, and even expressed desire to massacre them.[3]

Fall of Al-Mamaru Fort[]

When Legionnaire Desrosiers and the quartermaster, Corporal Delacroix, disappeared on March 19, 1929, Captain Lefevre noted that the sergeant believed that they were hiding in the cistern.[4] After the death of Legionnaire Duguay on March 22, Fournier tried to convince the captain the attack had been perpetrated by the Kel Hanan, possibly with success.[1] As the ghouls began to overrun the fort, the legionnaires appear to have made makeshift ballistas to try and stave them off. It appears that Fournier somehow got impaled by one, likely by mistake, as the soldiers manning it were almost certainly in an extremely frightened and skittish state. It is also possible the ghouls learned how to use the ballista and commandeered one to murder the sergeant.




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