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Salim Hannachi was the husband of Tasi Trianon and a major character in Amnesia: Rebirth. He, alongside Tasi, was one of the fourteen members of the Triple Crown Sadiola mining expedition to the French Sudan and was one of the passengers aboard the Cassandra when it crashed. Salim is voiced by British actor Abhin Galeya.[5]


Early life[]

Very little is known about Salim’s early life, however, he was born in French Algeria to an unnamed father and a mother named Amara.[1][3] At some point in time, he became a guide/security for African colonial expeditions, it is likely he met Tasi Trianon and her father Victor Trianon in this capacity, as well as Hank Mitchell and Malick Tamboura. Salim and Tasi fell in love and were married in August 1933.[6] Having a daughter, Alys, shortly thereafter.

Triple Crown Expedition[]

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Salim suffered a severe wound around his abdomen from the crash of the Cassandra and was briefly treated in the caves not far from the crash. Dr. Anton Metzier emphasized that needed to hold still with the extent of the stitches he required. With these dire circumstances Tasi and the rest of the crew left behind the injured in the caves, hoping to find help beyond the desert.

Events of Amnesia: Rebirth[]

Upon returning to the caves at the beginning of the game, Tasi finds Salim gone. From the letters he left behind, she surmises that after the Tasi and her group left for help, Lukas, one of the injured crewmen had succumbed to his injuries.[citation needed] It is implied that his wife Eva commits suicide soon after, grief stricken at the loss of her husband.[citation needed] Salim, now alone, attempted to leave the cave. He also cited a strange presence in the cave that disturbed him greatly, driving him forward to find a way out.[citation needed]

With these dire circumstances Tasi and the rest of the crew left behind the injured in the caves, hoping to find help beyond the desert.His body is found by Tasi in a cave formation along with the oil lamp. Based on the distance from the fortress and no apparent wounds, he most likely succumbed to his injury sustained during the crash of the Cassandra.



It is implied that Salim is an anxious person, who was skittish and fearful of the turbulence of the Cassandra flight.[citation needed] Tasi and Salim loved each other deeply. A note on a photograph of their wedding day writes "Love transcends law", as a mixed-race relationship would be heavily frowned upon at the time.[6]


Salim has black hair and brown eyes, and he appears to be of average height. His exact age is unknown, but his younger (but not youthful) physical appearance and his relationship with Tasi would imply that he is around 25 to 30 years of age. During the events of the game, he is dressed in khakis, high brown boots, with a yellow bandana around his neck. Salim's wound is on his lower left side, covered by Dr. Metzier's bandage.





  1. Algeria was a French colony from 1830–1848, and a full part of France proper 1848–1962, hence the use of the French tricolor flag to refer to Algerians of this time-period.


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