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"They weren't looking forward to visitors, were they?"
This article contains spoilers for Amnesia: The Bunker. Proceed with caution.

The Roman Tunnels is one of the main locations and point of interest in Amnesia: The Bunker. They were a series of ancient, esoteric tunnels located with ties to beneath the earth in the Western Front, excavated by the French Army in an attempt to get the upper hand on the German Army.

The Tunnels slowly drove many of the men mad, such as LaRue and Alex Noyer, having visions and vivid dreams and seeing ghastly sights within its halls. This eventually lead to Toussaint Beaufoy and other four mutineers to sabotage the excavation, destroying and flooding the entrance to the area.

This is the only area in the game that the Beast has no access to, and therefore, is no threat. This is likely due to there being no connections to the Bunker and the Roman Tunnels. The only enemy in the ruins is an insane Beaufoy.


The Roman Tunnels consist of an underground network of hallways and chambers, built out of grey bricks and decorated with gold and silver, raised by tall pillars. Many statues and busts can be seen around the area. The tunnels are largely derelict, being dirty, damaged and weather-beaten, with collapsed pathways and damage to the stone walls and statues.

A multitude of furniture items litter the area, such as barrels, buckets, and bricks, with wooden platforms and barricades made out of metal and wire. These items were likely brought down by the French Army in their attempt to use the tunnels against the Germans. The location is partially destroyed and separated it from the main part of the compound, intentionally done so by the French saboteurs. The path to the tunnels is a compact mining area that needs to be drained with a generator-powered machine.

The tunnels are covered by a thick greyish blue fog, and obvious signs of magical artefacting from the Other World can be seen, as strange rocks permeated by a mystical glow hover in place and ghastly figures are frequently seen wandering the halls. As revealed by Alex Noyer in one of his notes, the location is not necessarily Roman, but rather Mithraic in nature, being grounds to their ancient rituals.


"Do you see, Daniel? A whole other world – isn't it beautiful?"
The following section is written from an out-of-universe perspective.

The main reason for Henri Clement to enter the Roman Tunnels is to acquire the Detonator Handle for the blasting system needed to escape the bunker. In order to do this in the first place, one must first retrieve Stafford's dog tag from the Pillbox and acquire the Wrench. After doing so, Henri will be able to unscrew the vent in the Prison to reach the control room, having to then open the door to the German prisoner, which they may choose to save or leave to die (or kill beforehand). Right next to the prisoner's cell, one can find the Cutters.

Taking the Cutters into the Arsenal, head straight and through the partially-collapsed corridor. Through there, Henri can use the Bolt Cutters to cut the metal door open, allowing passage. Once inside, the path is blocked by water that must be drained. The generator must be on at this time, and then you can man the machine leftmost of the door, draining all the liquid and allowing passage. Moving a few objects out of the way and crawling through the path ahead, the tunnels lead into a large open area with items and a save point. Simply walk into the passageway adjacent to this area to enter the Roman Tunnels.

Noticeable immediately in the tunnels are many ghastly figures, though they cannot harm Henri in any way. Moving through the linear path, you will start hearing a man ramble to himself. Walking past a door into an open hallway, you'll witness several rats getting shot. Toussaint Beaufoy has gone mad and gouged his eyes out, which you can use to your advantage. You can kill him for his shotgun if you choose, or avoid him entirely. Note that the player can coerce Beaufoy to shoot at wooden doors, destroying them and granting the player access.

At the end of the Tunnels, there is a set of doors, open adjacent to a large statue. Break this door down with a brick, grenade, or shotgun blast to allow entry. Inside sits the Detonator Handle. Furthermore, behind the Detonator, a crawlspace can be found that leads to the crater at the start of the game, in this location you can retrieve Lambert's dog tag and a Rabbit Toy.


  • The entities seen within the tunnels are ghostly silhouettes of Ghouls and Wraiths from Amnesia: Rebirth. Even the files of Amnesia: The Bunker name them as "ghoul silhouette" and "wraith silhouette"
    • Wearing the gas mask in this area will nullify the visions of the silhouettes, but adds the difficulty of having limited vision and muffled hearing.
  • These tunnels might have been constructed at as early as 2nd century BCE, as indicated by the prescence of bust of Gaius Gracchus.[speculation] Or, tunnels could have been built much later than 2nd century BCE and his bust was brought to here after the construction had finished. Another possibility is that tunnels had already been built by someone else and Romans just brought their items when they have conquered the region.
  • Roman tunnels might have been inspired by the real-life ancient tunnels in Naours, near Amiens. This may or may not be a coincidence. These ancient tunnels were known to be visited by the soldiers during WW1.[1][2] As Amiens is near the Western Front of World War 1, an inspiration for the game is not a far-fetched possibility.
  • Although the tunnels are initially flooded, there are no Kaernks to be seen.
  • Although there are no Rifts or portas are seen/mentioned in Amnesia: The Bunker, Other Wordly people have a harvester nest and a fountain right next to the Bunker and Roman Tunnels. So, it is unknown how they managed to travel to this location and construct these structures. This was likely possible due to an unseen rift/portal just outside of Bunker and Tunnels.[speculation]



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