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Robert Sterling is an unseen minor character in Amnesia: Rebirth. He was a British shipping magnate and was one of the sponsors of Hank Mitchell’s expedition to the French Sudan.[4][2] He was also the father of Alexander Melville Sterling, one of the members of the expedition.[2]


Almost nothing is known about Robert Sterling, except that he was the owner of Sterling Shipping Company, the co-owner of Triple Crown Mining Company, and the father of Alex Sterling, among other children.[2][3]

Events of Amnesia: Rebirth[]

Robert Sterling was one of the main backers of the expedition to the French Sudan, and is occasionally referenced in notes found.[4][2] Hank Mitchell mentioned that Sterling pushed for the hiring of a European physician, something that Hank felt was unnecessary, due to the trip being relatively short and safe by his standards. Sterling was undeterred however, and hired Dr. Anton Metzier to serve as the expedition’s physician.[4]

Sterling’s stubbornness seemed to stem from a mistrust of the local Sudanese, specifically in the case something harmful befell the expedition, which included his son Alex—possibly due to prejudice.[1]


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