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Rifts are Other Worldly mechanisms that allow travelling between Other Word and Earth.[1][2] They frequently appear in Amnesia: Rebirth, and appear one time occasion in Amnesia: The Dark Descent.


They require Traveller's amulet to be used, though it is possible to spot the rifts without an amulet via some advanced calculations.[1][2] They are generally located in solid structures, i.e. mountains and rocks. When an amulet is activated nearby a rift, the rift will start to vibrate and allowing user to enter. They were frequently used by Tasi Trianon in Amnesia: Rebirth. One might argue that the primitive amulet built by Alexander in Orb Chamber has opened a rift for him to return to his home. Presumably, Other Worldly people's primary intention to build these rifts was to abduct humans for their Vitae harvesting operations,[speculation] though they could have been discovered/invented much before humanity came into existence.


  • It is unknown when and how Other Worldly people discovered/invented rifts, though it was certainly before 4th century AD.
  • Rift is a type of geological feature which happens as a result of solid landmass being ripped apart ("pulled away") in opposite directions with a linear fashion. They are generally located near grabens (geological depressions).



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