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Richard Topping provides the voice for Daniel in Amnesia: The Dark Descent.[1]


Richard Topping started his career as a bar manager at the Beacon Hotel, Tunbridge Wells, and then went on-stage as a stand-up comedian on the London club circuit in the late 1980s.[citation needed]


He moved into television in the 1990s, co-hosting several shows including BBC's This Multimedia Business, The Technophobe's Guide To The Future and ITV's The Web Review.[citation needed] He moved to British Sky Broadcasting Sky Television's computer channel .tv as host of Masterclass, which ran for over 500 episodes, and was a regular guest presenter on Chips with Everything, Blue Chip, and Buyer's Guide.[citation needed]


Topping is also the author of several books on television and film including Kevin and Perry, Monty Python: A Celebration, and Kenny and Me, the Ghostwriter of actress Cleo Rocos.[elaborate: what does this mean?] His first children's book, Magical Uncle Urlich, was published by m2f Books in 2005.[citation needed]

After moving to USA[]

In 2001, Topping moved to the United States (where his wife is from) to pursue a career in acting. Recent films include Lie Detector (2012), Come Hell or Highwater (2008), and The Astonished Man (2008).[citation needed]

He has worked in Portland as a special effects producer for a show called "Grimm" before starring in Amnesia.[citation needed] After getting back from vacation, Richard came to a dire situation at his producer job, which prompted him to leave the job and finish college, presumably at Portland State University (PSU).[citation needed] He also continued his acting career in a sound studio and took other freelance acting jobs.[citation needed]

Topping appeared as "Jack" in an advertisement video for a trading bot scam called Greenwood Formula.[2] He wasn't involved in the scam itself, but he was blamed for it as he was used as the operation's face. He was contacted by law enforcement and issued an apology for the affected people, despite only being an actor.[citation needed]

From 2015 to 2022, Topping worked as a physics and chemistry teacher in Milwaukie, Oregon, a suburb of Portland. As of 2022, he has returned to the UK to pursue freelance writing again.[3][4][1]

Work on Amnesia: The Dark Descent[]

In 2018 Topping answered questions about his involvement with the game Amnesia: The Dark Descent, as well as his teaching and the "Greenwood Formula" scam in a Discord interview.[5] The interview can be found on YouTube here.

Topping was surprised about Amnesia's sudden success. He worked in a sound studio and didn't have much connection to the project itself, as the casting was quite impersonal—it was handled by an online system.[citation needed]

Topping wasn't allowed to read the full script, which he mentions positively affecting his performance as an amnesiac.[citation needed]

He mentioned playing the game demo and not feeling comfortable with listening to his voiceovers.[citation needed] He said that the game is quite macabre but felt very original to him.[citation needed]

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