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I don't care! Following her is insane! I won't. I won't!

Richard Fairchild - 4th of March, 1937

Richard Fairchild is a supporting character in Amnesia: Rebirth. He was one of the fourteen members of the Triple Crown Sadiola mining expedition to the French Sudan and was aboard the expedition plane Cassandra when it crashed in the Algerian desert in March 1937. He served as the private secretary to expedition financier Alexander Melville Sterling and had a romantic relationship with him.[6] Richard is voiced by British actor Samuel Barnett.


Very little is known about Richard Fairchild’s life before the expedition, but it is known that he was born in Great Britain and had a fraught relationship with his mother.[7] From his mannerisms, expectations, and personality, Hank implied that Richard was also born into the upper-class despite his occupation. This, alongside his dialogue, implies that Richard was disowned or cut off due to his sexuality.[10][7]

At some point, he became the private secretary of shipping and luxury air travel magnate Alexander Melville Sterling. It is unknown whether or not Richard and Alex began their secret relationship before or after his employment, although it is more likely that Alex made Richard his private secretary to have a socially respectable reason to always be around each other.

Hank Mitchell did not think much of Richard in his initial assessment of him, as he believed Richard was “dead weight,” due to his fearful personality and occupation as a secretary, which would have been of little to no use on the expedition.[3] Nevertheless, Hank still sought to make sure he felt included, but with no special treatment, although Hank did plan to allow Richard and some others to go hunting (despite not believing Richard would actually be able to kill anything).[11][12]

Hank later alluded to Tasi Trianon that he knew, or at least suspected, that Alex and Richard had a romantic relationship.[2]

Events of Amnesia: Rebirth[]


Richard was one of the initial survivors of the crash of the Cassandra, he suffered no injuries during the crash; however, he was histrionic due to being stuck in his seat, demanding for someone to help him despite the fact other people needed immediate assistance and medical attention.[13][14] While in the caves, he believed there was something else inside with them, this terrified him so much that he refused to stay in the caves and traveled with the rest of the expedition to find help.[15]

At the front entrance of Al-Mamaru Fort, Richard asked Tasi to translate a sign written in French, due to his own French skills being “piss poor.”[16] Tasi paraphrased the actual meaning, being amused at it but not wanting to upset the panic-prone Richard.[16]

While inside the fort, Richard and the rest of the expedition came across the corpses of French Foreign Legion soldiers, some of whom committed suicide.[17] This revelation unnerved Richard considerably.[17] Sometime later, as the group approached the Quartermaster’s stores, a creature attacked the group and killed Jonathan Webber, Richard fled with the rest of the group into the mountains.[18]

When the expedition stopped at an oasis to gather water, Richard waded in the cool waters and expresses his contentment.[19] When the group was approached by an apparition, Richard fled from the oasis in fear.[20] Alex told to rest of the group to save Hank, and ran after him.[21] Richard eventually made his way to Professor Herbert's former expedition site, likely spotting something in the surface and going down for shelter or to find supplies. While there, he was set upon by the same creatures that attacked them in the fort, Ghouls, and was captured by them. It is unknown if Alex ever caught up with him, but he eventually made his way to where Richard was presumably assaulted, went inside after him, and was mauled to death by a Ghoul, while Richard was taken into the harvesting chamber and bound for torture.

During the Game[]

By the start of the game, Richard is one of the six surviving members of the Sadiola expedition, and the only one who did not travel to the Other World and drink the Harvester toxin, therefore making him the last fully-human member of the expedition.

Tasi found him in the harvesting chamber, bound on a rack with a Ghoul torturing him. Richard was continuously pleading for his mother, divine intervention, and both condemned his homosexual relationship with Alex and professed his love for him, which strongly suggests that Richard was in a state of delirium. By this point, Richard was covered in deep cuts and bruises, had a black eye, and was missing the index and middle fingers on his right hand, however he had not suffered any life-threatening wounds.

Tasi locked the door on the Ghoul long enough to release him from the rack. However, fearing that the Ghoul would hunt them down, Richard incapacitated Tasi with a rock in an attempt to either distract or bargain with the Ghoul in exchange for his own life. Tasi, then had a transformative episode as a result of her rage, turning into a Ghoul and killing Richard herself. After which she harvested his Vitae and dispensed it into the automatic refining machine. This filled up a waiting Leyden jar which Tasi later used to power the portal.

Appearance and Personality[]


Richard Fairchild was an extremely fearful person, and was for this reason considered to be “dead weight” even for the relatively safe expedition to the French Sudan.[3] Hank Mitchell also believed Richard to be harmless and treated his desire to try his hand at hunting with skepticism.[3][12] Hank eventually came the conclusion that the only reason he came in the first place was because of Alex Sterling’s presence on the expedition.[2]

Richard’s actions after the crash only proved he was “completely out of his depth,” as he panicked numerous times, such as right after the plane crash, before the crew left for the desert, while escaping Al-Mamaru Fort, and finally when an apparition appeared before the group, after which he ran off in fear.

However, despite Richard’s fearful nature, he also displayed signs of extreme selfishness. This can be seen by how he immediately betrayed Tasi- who had just freed him from brutal torture- by assaulting her with a rock with the intention of leaving her dazed enough for the Harvesters to capture and torture her as he made his getaway.


Richard had brown hair, green eyes, and appeared to be of an average height. His exact age is unknown, but his very youthful physique, personality, and dialogue suggest that he is between 20 and 30 years of age.


  • « But I can't, I won't stay here... there's something in the tunnels. I swear it. »
  • « Oh, can't we just get out of here? This place gives me the creeps. »
  • « Let me go! Take her... just let me go... »


  • Having had a relationship with Alex Sterling, Richard Fairchild may be, alongside his lover, the first explicitly LGBTQ character in an Amnesia game.
  • By the start of Amnesia: Rebirth, Richard was one of the six surviving members of the expedition.
    • By the time Tasi finds him, Richard is the last surviving member of the expedition who did not travel to the Other World and drink the Harvester toxin, therefore making him the last fully-human member of the expedition during Amnesia: Rebirth, as well as the last one to die.
  • Richard is one of two members of the expedition to be personally killed by a transforming Tasi Trianon, the other being Dr. Anton Metzier.
  • Richard’s initials appear on the back of his ornate canteen, “R. J. F. F.” Richard’s two middle names are unknown.
  • The given name, “Richard” originates, via Old French, from Old Frankish and is a compound of words descending from Proto-Germanic.[22] It roughly translates to, 'strong in rule.'[22] The surname “Fairchild” originates in England and is derived from the Old English words for “beautiful” and “fair” in addition to the word child.[23] As “fair” is also a word used to describe those who are both impartial and selfless, Richard’s selfish betrayal of Tasi can be seen as ironic given his surname; furthermore, considering that “fair” is also used to describe those with blonde or light-coloured hair, Richard’s brown hair can be seen as a physical mark of his surname’s irony.



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