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The Reactor is the tenth (10th) level in Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs. It features a gargantuan room occupied by the reactor, overlooked by a small control room suspended above the catwalk. The catwalk leads to the rod control room.

The bottom of the room is filled with Compound X, and pipes can be seen going to and from the reactor, feeding it with the dangerous substance.

It is also noted that this is the area where the climax point of the storyline has been reached in the game.


After gaining access through the Bilge, Oswald Mandus finally arrives at the reactor itself. As he descends down the stairs and the elevator, the Engineer's tone becomes more triumphant and he hurries Mandus to restart the reactor as his children are suffocating, their faces turning blue.

The Children, Dancing[]

Boys, boys... I'm sorry. I'm so sorry...

Oswald Mandus, after the betrayal.

In order to restart the reactor, Mandus has to lower a set of rods found in a chamber opposite of the reactor. After that is done, the room will start to light up and all that remains is to pull the two levers in the control room.

Finally, the Machine is activated, and Mandus is blasted unconscious across the room by the mighty roar of the great engines. However, the Machine reveals its true intentions: to destroy all of humanity, not simply to free his children. Mandus realizes that he was being used and betrayed. He regains his memories and begins to apologize to his children. He sees the ghosts of his children pulling out their hearts, after which he passes out again.

When Mandus regained consciousness, he had been transposed to the Engine Rooms.


  • Before you left the first room you will enter, there’s a note on the back of this room on shelves. Here follow the only path until you reached a lift at the very bottom. Enter this lift
  • While going down, enjoy the music. After reaching the lower floor, going to the left will lead you to the control room in the end. To your right, leads you to “Rod control room”. Enter this room
  • In this room, find a ladder that goes down and enter another room with lots of pipes and rods. There’s 1 pipe that are closed so open that pipe first
  • Go back to the control room again and flip all the switches on a panel. Once that is done, head back to the Machine control room above you
  • In the Machine control room, there are 2 levers that you need to push. Once the machine is activated, you will be pushed by the machine shockwave (I assume) and automatically after the scene, you will enter “Mandus, Saboteur
"Do you see, Daniel? A whole other world – isn't it beautiful?"
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Found Documents[]

  • March 15th 1899 – At the very start of the level, in the back of the room on a shelf.


These are all the phonographs found in the Reactor:

Found on a table in the Rod Control Room.

Professor A
"And they feel no pain. The process is completely humane?"
"Humane, Professor? That we judge the acceptable level of suffering by the human condition? Ask the beggar, Professor. Ask the orphan, ask the whore. Ask the starving, Professor, the weak, the sick, the filthy. Ask them to define your humane!"


  • The rod control room and the rods themselves look like the control rods found inside a nuclear reactor; a Geiger counter sound can be heard at the bottom.
  • This is the first area where Oswald begins to oppose The Machine.
  • A glitch often used by speedrunners consisting of jumping through weaving pipes can be used to fall into the lower chamber of the Reactor, near the Compound X.
  • The Compound X below appears to be massively deep, but the player cannot fall further than knee-deep, despite the liquid's extreme depth. This is most likely a glitch due to the fact that it was not intended for the player to enter this area.
    Accessible lights

    The interactive light.

  • Oswald is able to turn on lights simply by touching them in the lower area. This is most likely a glitch.