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"They weren't looking forward to visitors, were they?"
This article contains spoilers for Amnesia: The Bunker. Proceed with caution.

Have you noticed how the rats have changed down here lately?

Ever since they opened up those tunnels, I swear the rats have gotten uglier. Like they're disfigured or something. And they're definitely more aggressive.

Sdt. Chanard writing to Foreman Stafford about the rats' disturbing transformation.

Rats (also described as "vermin" or "rodents") are enemy animals in Amnesia: The Bunker that, if approached closely enough, will bite Henri Clément. They seem to be mutated, enlarged, and aggressive brown rats.


Rats, as enemies, are often encountered in the bunker and range from an avoidable nuisance to a taxing problem if not dealt with. They are not much of a threat in large rooms unless the player needs an item occupying their space, but in corridors and tunnel areas they can easily block the player’s way. They are capable of attacking in a group and individually. They are lured away by food like meat and can be scared away either by a Flare, by gas (from a Gas grenade or Gas tank), or by fire (be it from an ignited puddle of Fuel, from a torch, or from a petrol bomb). Unlike the Stalker, who is nearly completely invulnerable, the rats can be killed with whatever weapons that Henri has in his disposal, including the revolver, the Shotgun, or a Grenade.

Rats hiss as a warning whenever approached too closely and habitually feast upon dead corpses. Their eyes glow white, especially in the dark. It is also heavily implied through some of the notes that the rats' unnatural size may have been the result of them drinking the water contaminated by the the Harvester mutagen while residing in the Roman Tunnels.[1]

Despite their small size, attempting to jump over the rats will not prevent Henri taking damage, meaning that they must be dispersed, distracted or outright killed to avoid damage. Rats will sometimes follow blood trails left by Henri when he is injured, causing him to get severely overwhelmed. In Custom mode, the amount of damage rats do, their aggressiveness when Henri is bleeding and the amount of corpses they crowd around can be customized.

Interestingly, rats can also act as a form of early warning system for Henri. Whenever the beast emerges from its hole and begins stalking the player, rats will instinctively all begin to run towards the nearest hole until the monster leaves the area and back into the tunnel system.


Whenever Henri encounters a decomposing body, there is a likely chance that rats will be feasting on its remains. So long as the body remains, rats will continuously spawn from the nearby holes whenever one of their number is killed by a weapon. The only clear way to completely remove these vermin from a location is to burn the body.[2][3] Using either fuel cans, petrol bottles or molotovs, when the body is burnt away, all nearby rats will run away into a nearby hole.



The rats seem to be normal brown rats that have grown to unusual size, grown in aggressiveness, and mutated in unearthly ways. The French soldiers seemed to notice this development after they began to dig out the Roman Tunnels, indicating that the rats began to mutate only after getting the opportunity to access to the same Otherworldly substance that transforms humans into Harvesters, as happened with the Beast.[1]


It appears the rats share a lot of similar traits with human Harvesters, such as heightened aggression and a ravenous hunger.[1] Due to the fact there are no regular brown rats left alive in the bunker, it is possible that the rats killed them out of aggression.


  • The filename of the rat model is labeled as "dark_world_rat", suggesting that the rats have indeed drank the water from the Other World, causing their mutations.