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My name is.... I am... Daniel!

Daniel, moments before the game begins.

The Rainy Hall is an entry area in the Brennenburg Castle and the first location visited in Amnesia: The Dark Descent.[3] Daniel awakens here after drinking an amnesia-inducing potion.


In the game's intro, Daniel stumbles through the Rainy Hall, falling in and out of consciousness, repeating information for himself to remember. After this, he falls unconscious, and wakes up in the far end of the Rainy Hall.

There is a trail of pink liquid leading through the hall. Following it serves as Daniel's first objective in the game.[1] The liquid is likely residue from the Amnesia potion which Daniel drank.[citation needed]

A large door leads out to what can only be assumed to be the castle's balcony,[why could it not be assumed otherwise?] as Daniel is on the first floor, but the Shadow prevents him from leaving. The disoriented Daniel follows the liquid trail to its source through long, narrow hallways, down to the Old Archives.


As Rainy Hall is an entry area, no other area connects to Rainy Hall, save for the Old Archives, which is the only accessible area from here and succeeds it without obstacle.

Light sources[]

There are many interactable light sources in this area. However, the only type of light source present are candles. There are 35 candles, 0 torches, 0 lamps, and 0 fires.[2]


There are no flashbacks in this area.


"Do you see, Daniel? A whole other world – isn't it beautiful?"
The following section is written from an out-of-universe perspective.
  • Immediately to your right, there is a small room with a tinderbox inside.
  • Proceeding forward, you will come upon another room on the right, which also has a tinderbox.
  • The two cabinets in the hallway each contain a tinderbox.
  • Opening the door and going up the stairs will eventually lead you to another hall. The first room on the right has a tinderbox.
  • To the left and down the stairs is the exit to the Old Archives.


Puzzle items[]

There are no puzzle items in this area.


  • On the table in the small room behind Daniel as soon as he wakes up.(1)
  • Further ahead, in the corridor, a tinderbox can be found in a closet to the left of Daniel.(2)
  • In front of the closet, a small room with a fireplace can be found. The third tinderbox is on the table in the room.(3)
  • Exiting the room, another tinderbox can be found to the right inside of another closet.(4)
  • The next tinderbox can be found in a tiny, dark room with a knights armor in it, to your right just before you enter the Old Archives.(5)


There are no oil canisters in this area.
There are no oil barrels in this area.


There is no laudanum in this area.


There are no documents in this area.


  • When Daniel interacts with the large door in the hallway, the Shadow will roar at him and obstruct it, but its fleshy matter does not appear. He will lose a little sanity from being startled.
  • Daniel cannot run in this area. After taking the Amnesia tonic that destroyed his former-self's personality and memories, he is very dizzy and confused. He'll often lose his balance and nearly black-out several times.
  • In the demo, this area leads straight to the Refinery.
  • When entering a hallway, Daniel will begin to panic, and the walls will appear to be "compacting" or closing in on the hallway. It is unclear if this was an event caused by The Shadow, or a mere hallucination. This event is perfectly safe as the walls do not cave in completely.
  • When passing through a certain hallway, Daniel will hear several demonic screams and the sound of knives cutting. He will then collapse on the floor. This is obviously a hallucination, due to the effects of the Amnesia potion.
  • This area along with the beginning of the Old Archives, the Archives, the Study, the Machine Room, the Control Room and the Sewer have no music background soundtrack.


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