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Rachael Holt is a minor character in Amnesia: Rebirth. She was one off the fourteen members of the Triple Crown mining expedition and as such was one of the passengers aboard the Cassandra when it crashed in the Algerian desert.


Very little is known first-hand about Rachael, but according to notes written byTasi Trianon and Hank Mitchell, the latter of whom was her immediate superior, she was a sort of secretary or assistant, handling sleeping arrangements and logistics for the expedition. Her info card, found under a box on the table near the cave entrance, describes her as 'Chief People Wrangler.'[3] She was recommended by Charlie “from the institute” to go on the expedition with the team and apparently made a good impression on Hank, as he referred to her as a "breath of fresh air," highly capable, and expressed his hope that she could regularly accompany them on future expeditions.[3]

A flashback reveals, through Tasi's reaction, that she perished in or soon after the plane crash,[4] and this is also borne out by a tally of the immediate survivors following the crash, showing her and the pilot Nicolas Masson as recorded deaths.[1] They were both buried in the sands near the plane wreck.



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