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  • Mandus- "You don't mind if I record this, do you? I find it most useful."
    Professor A - "Ah, you have one of those wonderful de Martinville's? No, of course not, my dear fellow."
    Mandus - "It's my own design, Professor, along with everything you see."
    Professor A - "Most useful. You understand, of course, why the Ministry sent me? That they have concerns?"
    - Phonautograph in Oswald's Mansion.
  • Professor A - "I must say my dear man, you look awful."
    Mandus - "Yes, I seem to have picked up something rather nasty in Mexico."
    Professor A - "I do understand. What you have been through... a lesser man would have crumbled. Yet you have made all of this. Your great factory, your charities, it is a wonder. For one man alone..."
    Mandus - "It will all be made clear Professor. But first, a drink?"
    - Phonautograph in Oswald's Mansion.
  • Professor A - "Extraordinary, quite extraordinary. And you built it all. Good God man, you have been busy."
    Mandus - "It is wonderful how tragedy focuses the mind. What else was I to do? Fall into grief, pine and fade in my hopelessness? Why not then simply die in that jungle amongst those dead temples."
    - Phonautograph in the Cellar.
  • Mandus - "Your faith shackles your vision Professor, it is an iron coffin that keeps you from grasping the future. We require a new deity, one of steam and the wheel, of magnetism and progress. The old God is nothing more than a lamed hog, spitting back offal at mankind."
    - Phonautograph in the Church.
  • Mandus - "These men, Professor, these so-called men of vision! They would shackle the masses to a wheel and turn it until their backs break. All for that opiate, the lure of profit. These fools who lackey them, these priests, these officials, this... government. They make pigs of us all!"
    Professor A - "But what solution, my dear man, how to break a cycle. You cannot simply remove the promise of a better world for these unfortunates. In the workhouses, in the orphanages, the belief in heaven is surely the only succor one can find!"
    Mandus - "We do not need to wait! We can bring forth paradise now! We can speed the passion! With only a small sacrifice we can hold the apocalypse. With just a small sacrifice we can free our shackles and deliver them to paradise now."
    - Phonautograph in the Factory.
  • Mandus - "But we can save them, we can set them free, we can replace a rotten old world, with a clean new one!"
    Professor A - "Mr. Mandus, you sound every bit the fanatic."
    Mandus - "Well how can I be otherwise Professor? How can any man of ethics simply stand by and watch this world drown in its own excrement?"
    Professor A - "And your Engineer, this visionary with whom you embarked upon this course. Does he share your views?"
    Mandus - "Indeed he does, indeed he does! The poor fellow has seen it all before, now this is not the first great civilization he has wept for."
    Professor "And so you set about things immediately upon your return."
    Mandus "Naturally, naturally, these things cannot be left to rot upon the tree, and sponsors were remarkably easy to find. I tell you Professor, a trail of greed brings rich men to your door, like pigs to truffels!"
    - Phonautograph in the Factory Sewers.
  • Professor A - "You seem to have undergone quite a profound conversion in Mexico, Mr Mandus."
    Mandus - "You could not have seen it yourself and not, Professor. As we disembarked, even through my fever I saw the detritus of this so-called progress. I saw starvation and disease, rot and destruction polluting the waters of the Empire. We are ruiners, you and I and all of us, and we make the world unclean."
    Professor A - "And you took it upon yourself to act as redeemer?"
    Mandus - "Professor, I would not be so presumptuous. I am merely a conduit. I am constructing an architecture to wrestle our damnation to the ground and smother it with steam."
    - Phonautograph in the Bilge Pumps.
  • Professor A - "And they feel no pain. The process is completely humane?
    Mandus - "Humane, Professor? That we judge the acceptable level of suffering by the human condition? Ask the beggar, Professor. Ask the orphan, ask the whore. Ask the starving, Professor, the weak, the sick, the filthy. Ask them to define your humane!"
    - Phonautograph in the Reactor.
  • Professor A - "I can meet him? Your great engineer? How marvellous! I must say Mr Mandus, my excitement is almost unseemly!"
    Mandus - "Yes, I can see that. Step this way Professor. I will be right behind you."
    Professor A - "Mandus? Mandus, where the devil are you? I can't see a damn thing. Mandus!"
    Mandus - "We are the pig, Professor. We are all the pig."
  • "Hello?" - Mandus answering the phone in his office.
  • "Who are you? Where are my children?" - Mandus answering the phone in his mansion.
  • "Where should I go? Hello... hello?" - Mandus talking with The Engineer through a telephone in his mansion.
  • "Oh dear God. Dear Christ. What is this place?" - Spoken upon leaving the elevator and seeing the Reactor.
  • "Where are my children?! You promised me my children!" - Spoken after reactivating the Reactor.
  • "Boys. Boys. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry." - Spoken after activating the Reactor.
  • "Where are they? Where are my children?" - Spoken when entering Pressure Regulation in the Engine rooms.
  • "I want my children you unholy bastard!" - Spoken after sabotaging the Pressure Regulation system.
  • "When did I say that? That is not me! That is not me!" - Spoken after the second flashback in the Engine rooms.
  • "I will stop you. I will save them." - Spoken when near the exit elevator in the Engine rooms.
  • "Oh no. Oh God no. What have I done?!" Spoken after seeing the Manpigs scour through the city.
  • "No. This is not what I meant! This is not what I meant at all!" - Spoken after the Machine talks to Mandus.
  • "Beast! Creature! Where are my children?! Where are my children?!" - Spoken near the end of the streets level.
  • "I know you machine. I know what you fear. I will rain excrement into your very soul. I will destroy you" - Spoken after sabotaging the Pigline central controls.
  • "But why did you take my children?" - Spoken after entering the Orgone Distribution area.
  • "Then I am damned for a filicide, and everything is lost." - Spoken after the Machine explains why his children were taken.
  • "Only to save you. Only to spare you. I would have given my soul to spare you this world and it's loam." - Spoken upon moving across the bridge in Electrogravitic Suppression.
  • "Oh my children. My children. What have I done? What have I become?" - Spoken upon moving across the bridge in Electrogravitic Suppression.
  • "I will put it right my darlings. All of my wrongs will be righted. All of my sins washed clean" - Spoken upon moving across the bridge in Electrogravitic Suppression.
  • "I love you my darlings and I am sorry. I am sorry for all I have done. I simply loved you all too much for this world." - Spoken upon moving across the bridge in Electrogravitic Suppression.
  • "I have you now creature. I will destroy you." - Spoken after activating the glass Armonicas in the Tesla tower.
  • "It is over! It is time to end this madness!" - Spoken after activating the glass Armonicas in the Tesla tower.
  • "Do not speak of my children. Monster." - Spoken after the Machine tries to persuade Mandus into giving up his quest.
  • "I lay there, and watched the god I had created die. At the end when we were cold as the stone we had hewn his body from. When the lights were nearly all extinguished, we heard in the silent distance, the Manpigs singing to one another. Then, as the last lights were gone, and we lay together in the deep, they drifted away, and all was silent. Such a silence, I have never known. And as the dust settled on my open eyes and we lay together embraced forever, I heard miles above us, the sounds of the city turning over in its sleep. A church bell ringing out. And in that moment, the new century was born." - Spoken after fully deactivating the Machine.
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