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  • "This... This was the best one yet. So elaborate - it's just... too much." – After regaining consciousness, her memories and personality in the Cabinet of Perturbation.
  • "Finally... I feel like myself again. That was quite the journey"
  • "Enough of this. Get up Justine." – The excitement wearing off she comes to her senses and stands up.
  • "Such intricate machinery. I can't for the life of me understand why he built this." – After inspecting the wall-crusher mechanism that apparently her father constructed.
  • "That's me... isn't it? All covered in chains." – If Justine inspects the body hanging upside down in the final chamber.
  • "Such light was never meant for me."-If Justine looks at the light shining down from the roof, In the final chamber.
  • "It's already locked, but you can never be too certain" – Bolting the door to her Cabinet shut, regardless of whether it is the suitors or the hostages on the other side.
  • "They can't hurt me anymore" – Justine commenting on the men banging on the locked and bolted door, regardless of whether it is the suitors or the hostages.
  • "It's alright. No one will be coming through that door. It's locked and bolted." - When Justine inspects the locked door.
  • "Don't want any of the guests coming in here." – When Justine closes the second door to the basement after her.
  • "I really should keep this door locked." – If Justine inspects the second door leading into the basement or forgets to close it shut.
  • Clarice - "Mademoiselle Justine, are you down there? Is everything all right?"
    Justine - "Of course, Clarice, I'm quite all right."
    Justine - "Is everything ready for tonight?"
    Clarice - "Yes. The goose is ready any minute now, the guests should be arriving within the hour."
    (Spoken if Justine has not recovered all the Shipment Slip from the basement:)
    Clarice - "Did I hear voices from downstairs?"
    Justine - "I certainly hope not."
    Clarice - "Oops. Silly me."
    Justine - "Yes, silly Clarice."
    (Spoken if Justine has managed to recover the Shipment Slip from her basement)
    Justine - "Clarice, I know it's a busy day, but make sure to post this letter for me, ok?"
    Clarice - "Certainly, Mademoiselle Justine. Urgent, is it?"
    Justine - "Not really. It's already years late. I just thought they should know... I'm still alive."
    - Justine talking with her housemaid Clarice at the end of Amnesia: Justine.
  • "Bienvenue, you are now listening to the sound of my disembodied voice. It will serve you no purpose to look for me, for this is a voice from the past.
    I bid you welcome to my Cabinet of Perturbation. it is my study of the human psyche - specifically yours. A set of recordings have been prepared to chaperone you through the chambers ahead.
    There are a few parts to this study and it is up to you - not only to pass, but figure out what elements are important. Please go on, move into the next chamber. Just remember they can all be saved, there is always a way." - Justine introducing herself to the Cabinet of Perturbation at the beginning of Amnesia: Justine.
  • Justine - "*Laughter* Speak into the phonograph, Basile, mon chéri."
    Basile - [groans] "What did you put into the wine?"
    Justine - "Absinthe, silly Basile, strong men like you don't drink wine - wine is for helpless women like myself."
    Basile - "My head, what is this thing, get me out. I'm not up for your games."
    Justine - "No, you have to say it first. How beautiful am I?"
    Basile - "Plenty, now let me out of this thing?"
    Justine - [angrily] '"No, that is not what you say!"
    Basile - [annoyed groan] '"Your beauty is blinding."
    Basile - [screams in pain] '"Aah! My eyes! What have you done to my eyes!? Justine, this isn't funny, you blinded me!"
    Justine - "Ha-ha, you can't catch me now!"
    Basile - "I'll kill you, you whore!"
    - Justine, blinding Basile Giroux.
  • "Congratulations for coming this far, I am so excited for you. I do hope you managed to save Monsieur Fournier. He was a friend and a colleague of my papa, you know. Friendly fellow, a real bon garçon, but frail of mind. he puts up an impressive front, but it is all an act, I assure. Please go on, we are just getting started." - Justine at the end of the Cells.
  • "On this next piece you should be looking for some divine inspiration. Time to delve into your spiritual side. What do you see? Is the man begging for mercy or is he being blessed? Perhaps both! Father used to say, there were no right answers. Have the light guide you." - Justine at the beginning of the Library.
  • "I wonder, is father David with his God now? Maybe you helped him there. Don't you worry, I'm sure he didn't have a family, he probably wasn't even all that well-liked. With the current political climate, I'm surprised someone hadn't killed him already.
    We can't all be saved. Some don't even want to be saved. Yes. That is a comforting thought. Saves us from trying." - Justine at the end of the Library.
  • "I'm sure you have figured out how it all works by now. Are you enjoying my quips? I think they are quite clever. Not that I ever was much of a conversationalist, poetry has always been my forte. But I digress. You should press on, it will all be over soon. Also, the police are here, maybe they can help you." - Justine at the beginning of the Dungeon.
  • "Inspector Marot, are you still with us? I'm looking forward to see if you managed to save him or not. I know very little about him, but surely he had a family, don't you think? Poor, poor, fatherless children. But he falls on his own sword. His kind is not meant to come for people like me.
    Laws are made for cretins. The aristocracy doesn't need to know right from wrong. We are always right." - Justine at the beginning of the Crypt.
  • "Well done. You have triumphed - conquered my cabinet. I wish I could tell you how you did, but alas this is a recording. You will have to figure it out all by yourself.
    Did anyone survive? The doctor? The priest? Or perhaps the police man. Who was allowed to live? Why?
    You should really reflect on these past events and consider what they meant to you, what you have learned about your true nature.
    Father never knew me. He thought he did, but then he was frightened and nothing was ever the same again. I can still see him, lying there on the floor, he looked so surprised.
    -- The star-shaped soapstone stained by his blood, fell to the floor with a sonorous thud. Blame me not, for I was but a child, with careful ambition I dared a smile --
    Rest in peace, papa." - Justine, through a phonograph in the Crypt.
  • "And so it comes to an end. Now that you have seen what you truly are, you are able to go on and face eternity without fear - without doubt." - Justine, at the end of the Crypt.
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