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  • "Daddy, Daddy, find us." - Spoken right after leaving Oswald's bedroom.
  • "There's a bad man coming." - Spoken when ascending the ladder to the attic.
  • "We're hiding, Daddy." - Spoken when following the children further into the attic.
  • "This way, Papa. Come and see!" - Spoken when going down the stairs in Mansion part 2.
  • "Come and see, Papa. We found an egg, a stone egg!" - Spoken near the entrance to the Cellar.
  • "Come on slow coach. It's this way." - Spoken when entering the Cellar.
  • "Follow us, Papa, we know the way." - Spoken while walking further into the Cellar.
  • "I've told you he'd come." - Spoken when approaching the first Decontamination Chamber.
  • "Listen Papa, hold the egg to your ear, you can hear the sea!" - Spoken when walking in the Church's basements.
  • "Down here Daddy. Faster, Faster!" - Spoken when descending the stairs leading to the Factory Sewers.
  • "That's it Papa! You're so near now!" - Spoken as you approach the Decontamination Chamber in the Sewers.
  • "He's here! He's here!" - Spoken as you make your way into the Bilge pumps.
  • "Daddy! Daddy!" - Shouted when Oswald is reactivating The Machine.
  • "Daddy." - Whispered as Oswald entered the Temple after passing the conveyor belt.
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