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Puzzle items are highly specific objects in the Amnesia games. There are several items in Amnesia: The Dark Descent and Amnesia: Justine that are only used for one, or in some cases several, specific puzzles. These objects are introduced in the Archives with the Wine Cellar Key and appear all throughout the game. They include keys, tools, ingredients and other things.

Items in Amnesia: The Dark Descent[]

These are all the items that can be found in Amnesia: The Dark Descent:

Item Found in/Created by Use Description Inventory Icon
Wine Cellar Key Hidden room in Archives. Unlocks Wine Cellar door. Tag reads "Wine Cellar". Wine cellar key
Chemistry Pot Desk in Laboratory. Used to hold an acid, and later an explosive A pot to contain mixtures of all sorts. Container
Calamine In a room to your right after coming down the stairs. Will trigger an event when gathered. Ingredient required to create acid. A jar of Calamine. Calamine
Aqua Regia Room covered with flesh in the Wine Cellar. Ingredient required to create acid. A jar of Aqua Regia. Aqua regia
Cuprite In the tiny room full of barrels at the bottom of the stairs in the Wine Cellar. Ingredient required to create acid. A jar of Cuprite. Cuprite
Orpiment In a large room that can be reached by a door underneath the wooden platform. Ingredient required to create acid. A jar of Orpiment. Orpiment
Pot of Acid Created by mixing ingredients in the Laboratory. Used to destroy the organic matter blocking the way to the Refinery. It is filled with acid. Acid container
Hollow Needle Bookshelf in far Cellar Archives room. Used to gain entrance to Archive Tunnels and later used to create a syringe. A strong surgical needle. Item hneedle
Crowbar On a desk in the Guest Room. Used to break open the locked door in the Guest Room. A tool allowing great leverage. Crowbar
Machine Room Key Behind painting in Guest Room. Used to gain entrance to the Machine Room. Tag reads "Machine Room". Machine room key
Flow Cycle Rod Furthermost room in the Study. Used to fix the machine powering the elevator. A machine part made out of wood and metal. Flow cycle rod
Drill Part (x3) Found in Storage. The first part is in a small room to your left as you enter. The other two are in small rooms downstairs to your right. Combined to assemble the Hand Drill. Part of a broken hand drill. Crank 3Crank 2Crank 1
Hand Drill Created by combining the three drill parts. Used to drill holes in the explosive containers, and later in a man's head. A small carpenter's drill. Hdrill
Partially Filled Pot Created by partially filling the Chemistry Pot with explosive liquid from a barrel in Storage. Used with the other barrel containing liquid to create an explosive. It is filled with one of the two ingredients for creating the explosive mixture. Partially filled pot
Explosive Created by filling the Chemistry Pot with both explosive liquids in Storage. Used to blow up the rubble blocking the way in the Storage. A highly volatile mixture. Explosive
Trinity Steam Rod On a bookshelf in the furthest-most room in Storage. Used to fix the machine powering the elevator. A machine part made out of wood and metal. Trinity
Four-Phase Amplitude Rod On a bookshelf in the furthest-most room in the Storage. Used to fix the machine powering the elevator. A machine part made out of wood and metal. Four phase
Hammer A tiny cell in the Southern Prison Block. Used with the chipper to create Hammer and Chipper. A stone hammer. Hammer
Chipper A cell in the Southern Prison Block. Used with the hammer to create Hammer and Chipper. A stone chipper. Chipper
Hammer and Chipper Created by combining the hammer with the chipper. Used to widen the hole leading to the Northern Prison Block, among other things. Tools for stone cutting. Hammer&chipper
Glass Jar Northern Prison Block storage room.

Used to carry acid, oil, and blood.

An empty glass container. Glass jar
Glass Jar of Acid Created by using the Glass Jar on the acid container in the Prison kitchen. Used to weaken a lock in the Prison. It is filled with acid. Pot of acid
Glass Jar of Oil Created by using the glass jar on the broken pipe in the Cistern Entrance. Used to grease the lever in the Cistern Entrance. It is filled with oil. Pot of oil
Wooden Crank A side room in the Control Room. Used as a replacement for a broken valve in the Control Room. A crank for a machine. Wood crank
Copper Tube A storage room in the Morgue. Used with the needle to create the Syringe. A thin copper tube. Item ctube
Syringe Combine Hollow Needle and Copper Tube. Used on the dead body in the Morgue to inject yourself with vaccine. A copper tube with an attached hollow needle. Syringe
Pipe Yanked off in a Sewer hallway. Used to block the spinning waterwheel blocking the way in the Sewer. A short pipe. Pipe
Meat On a table upstairs in the Nave. Used to feed a captured Kaernk. A slab of fresh meat. Meat
Remains The remains of the Meat after it has ben fed to the Kaernk. The first ingredient in Weyer's Tonic. The bone is covered in mucus. Remains
Orb Piece (x6) One found in each of the three torture rooms in the Transept, and one in each of the three torture rooms in the Choir. Used to assemble an orb, allowing entrance to the Inner Sanctum. Its texture and color are constantly changing. Orb1Orb2Orb3Orb4Orb5Orb6
String Upper room in Transept. Used with the Glass Jar. A tough string made from hemp. String
Glass Jar on a String Combine Glass Jar and String. Used to gather blood from a drain in the Transept or the Nave. The glass jar has a string tied around it. Pot on string
Glass Jar of Blood Obtained when using the Glass Jar on a String on a drain in the Transept or the Nave. The second ingredient in Weyer's Tonic. It is filled with blood. Pot of blood
Poison Gland Near some debris in the Choir or the Nave. The third ingredient in Weyer's Tonic. The gland from a poisonous mushroom Poison gland
Iron Bar Yanked off the cell Daniel is trapped in, in the Cells. Used to break out of the cell and (optionally) get the Rusty Key from the pipe. A rod of iron from the cell bars. Bar
Wooden Bucket An empty cell in the Cells. Can be filled with water using the well in the Cells. It is empty. Bucket
Bucket of Water Obtained when using the Wooden Bucket on the well in the Cells. Used to get the Rusty Key. It is filled with water. Bucket of water
Rusty Key Recovered from a pipe in the Cells using the Bucket of Water or Iron Bar. Unlocks the door leading out from the Cells. An unmarked key. Key rusty
Incomplete Tonic Created in Nave laboratory. Incomplete version of Weyer's Tonic. The tonic is not yet done according to Weyer's instructions. Tonic unfinished
Weyer's Tonic Cooked up in the Nave laboratory using the Poison Gland (Fungal Poison), Glass Jar of Blood (Vitae) and Re-mains (Tampter) Fed to Agrippa so his head can be retrieved. The tonic is completed according to Weyer's instructions. Tonic finished
Bone Saw Room in Nave (Only accessible second time going through Nave). Used to cut off Agrippa's head. A surgeon's saw used for amputation. Bone saw
Agrippa's Head Cut off using the Bone Saw after feeding Agrippa Weyer's Tonic. Used with the portal in the Orb Chamber to get the Good Ending. The severed head of Agrippa. Agrippa head
Bucket of Tar Room near machinery in Chancel. Used for easier assembly of the orb in the Chancel. A wooden bucket filled with sticky tar. Tar

Items in Amnesia: Justine[]

These are the items that can be found in Amnesia: Justine:

Item: Found in/Created by: Use: Description: Inventory Icon:
Broken Ladder Early on in the corridor in the Cells. Used to get to the narrow tunnels above the cells. Piece of a broken ladder. Ladder
Wax Cylinder In the Cells, on a ledge above cell IV. Used to get the second phonograph to work. A wax cylinder for a phonograph. Cylinder
Slide (x4) Scattered around the Library. Slide 4 and 3 can be used to save Father David. A framed stencil with the silhouette of a man. Slide1Slide2Slide3Slide4
Lever Room in Dungeon. Used to open a door in the Dungeon. An operating handle for some kind of mechanism. Lever

Removed/unused items[]

These are icons that can be found in the game files, but either does not have a corresponding item in the game, or have one that is not accessible or obtainable in the game.

Icon: Description and speculation:
Severed Hand - An icon of what appears to be a severed hand. It might have, similarly to Agrippas Head, had to be cut off an unknown person. It might had been served as a bait to obtain the Kaernk's Tampter.
Dagger - The ceremony knife ("Dagger" in the game) is actually an item that is picked up during the short interactive cutscene in the Choir Entrance, where Daniel picks up the knife and uses it to kill a prisoner. Its inventory description is "A blade meant for cutting and skinning", however, this can not be seen, as the dagger can't be accessed in the inventory.
Coins small
Thalers - This coin might have an inventory item for the Thalers, a cut item which was used to open closed chests. There are three of these icons in the game files, one named coins_large, one named coins_medium, and one named coins_small, and although they are three different images, they all look exactly the same. This makes a lot of sense since the thalers came in three bags: one small, one medium, and one large, each containing a different amount of coins.
Hammer and Chipper - This appears to be an alternate icon for the hammer and chipper (its file name even being hammerandchipper). It is unknown why it exists and why it was left unused.
Key laboratory
Laboratory Key - A key that, judging by its file name (key_laboratory), would've been used to gain access to the Laboratory (Whether this is the actual level Laboratory, or the lab found in the Nave is left unknown).
Key tomb
Tomb Key - A key that appears to be a pristine version of the Rusty Key used to escape from the Cells. Its file name (key_tomb) suggests it would've been used in a tomb of some sort (additionally, the file name for the Rusty Key is key_tomb_rusty).
Key torture chamber
Torture Chamber Key - A key with the file name key_torture_chamber, suggesting it was intended for one or several of the torture chambers found in the Choir and the Transept.
Key tower
Tower Key - A key with the file name key_tower, suggesting a tower level might have existed early in development.
Liquid jar blue
Blue Glass Jar - What appears to be the Glass Jar, filled with a blue liquid, possibly water or some kind of potion.
Liquid jar red
Red Glass Jar - The Glass Jar filled with a red liquid, probably a potion of some sort. Probably not blood, since that already exists in the game, and it's color is also a bit too light to be blood.
Pickaxe - A pickaxe. It might have been used as a weapon against enemies, just like the main character in Penumbra: Overture, another game by Frictional Games, uses a pickaxe as a weapon. It is also possible the pickaxe was planned to be used as another way to widen the narrow hole in the Prison.

Some of these items were never removed and are still integratable in custom maps.


  • The Wine Cellar Key and Machine Room Key share the same model and inventory icon.
  • The Rusty Key can also be obtained using the Iron Bar, making the Wooden Bucket/Bucket of Water a useless item, and can be kept in your inventory until the end of the game.
  • It's possible to pour the water from the Bucket of Water down the pipe with the key, even if the key has already been gathered using the Iron Bar.
  • It's also possible to skip the Wooden Crank, as you can just use boxes to prop open the door on which it's used.
  • The inventory icon for the Glass Jar of Blood doesn't have a string tied to the Jar, even though it should have.
    • It is possible Daniel removed the string after gathering the blood.
  • Since only slides 3 and 4 are used to save Father David, slides 1 and 2 are completely useless and are not used for anything.
  • The Machine Room Key uses an internal name of "KeyStudy", suggesting that the key found in the Guest Room originally unlocked the Study.