Professor Taylor
Gender Male
Status Deceased

Professor Taylor is a character, who is mentioned in Daniel's diary notes in Amnesia: The Dark Descent. He was a professor at the University of London and a victim of The Shadow. According to one of Daniel's diary entries, he died around July 17th, 1839.

Amnesia: The Dark DescentEdit

After visiting Sir William Smith, Daniel met Professor Taylor, in hope to get more knowledge about the Orb. Daniel specifically came to the subject of the orbs, and how the broken pieces were acting the way they were. Taylor noted the trace they had left in their culture. The orbs may even have inspired the Globus cruciger, a feature common in royal regalia. Historically the orbs were held by priests as a symbol of the sun and its power. Some days later, he was killed before July 17th, 1839. It can be assumed that Taylor was an obstacle on The Shadow's path as well, as it was on his way to reclaim the orb from Daniel.

Diaries Edit

5th July 1839Edit

Today I went to the university looking for answers. I was able to sneak into Herbert's office and pick up an address book along with some relevant text books.

Professor Taylor at the faculty of history was very helpful and I managed to approach the subject of the orbs. The most interesting aspect was the prevalent trace they had left in our culture. The mythic orbs may in fact have inspired the Globus Cruciger which so many royal regalia holds to this day. In ancient times the orbs were held by priests as a symbol of the sun and its power.

As I was leaving I overheard a disturbing conversation. Sir William Smith, the geologist, was killed last night. Less than a fortnight had passed since I'd asked for his expertise. I know it's silly, but I can't help feeling responsible somehow.

17th July 1839 Edit

How has this escaped me? They're all dead. Limbs scattered, heads split down the middle, their skin flayed as if boiled. I feel like I'm falling into myself. What's happening? Sir William Smith, professor Taylor and now doctor Tate. Is it following me? How can it not be? It's the damned thing I brought from Africa. Something is after me.

I have no choice but to trust the baron. He better know what he claims. If he is wrong, I suspect he'll regret it as well.


  • It is highly possible that Professor Taylor is one of the brutes within Brennenburg that are restlessly hunting Daniel, as evidenced by this diary entry by Daniel.
    • The note states: "They're all dead. Limbs scattered, heads split down the middle, their skin flayed as if boiled." These characteristics are highly reminiscent to the brute.

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