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"Please, call me Professor A."
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My dear Mr. Mandus, I admire your vision; I truly do. But there are surely not enough pigs in the whole of London to feed the appetite of such a machine.

The professor, Halloween teaser

Professor A was the unknown guest who was sent to Mandus' factory by the Ministry.[citation needed] He is never seen in-game, but is referenced in one of Mandus' documents and can be heard having conversations with Mandus on various phonographs scattered around the game.


Mandus' documents reveal that the Professor was sent to ascertain his mental well-being after his prolonged absence from the club, however, Mandus believed that the Professor was sent to spy on him. He was later presumably killed and thrown into The Machine by Oswald Mandus, as evidenced by their final conversation.

The Professor seems to have been a prominent figure in the investigations of Jack the Ripper, often being called upon to perform forensic examinations of the victims.[citation needed]


The conversations between Mandus and the Professor can be heard through phonographs and flashbacks throughout the game.



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