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"They weren't looking forward to visitors, were they?"
This article contains spoilers for Amnesia: The Bunker. Proceed with caution.

The Prison is a level in Amnesia: The Bunker. It can be accessed after lifting the emergency lockdown from the Central Bunker. It is the northernmost area of the bunker.


The Prison is a compact area, being the smallest sub-area of the bunker. It houses a cell block where prisoners, whether mutineers/saboteurs or enemy forces are to be kept. The eight prison cells - bar one - are all empty and the area is in a generally favorable state of preservation compared to the others, being one of the most fortified areas of the Bunker due to the thick metal gates. The Prison has a locked Storage room with several sub-rooms, an interrogation room and the Warden's Office, which is where the switches can be found.

After a raid, Maj. Sgt. Delpy reported that they had captured about twenty German soldiers, who were being held inside of the Prison, but they were shipped out before the events of the game, all but one.[citation needed] Inside one of the cells sits a lone German prisoner-of-war, being one of the few survivors of the onslaught in the Bunker due to being locked in a fortified cell. He will speak to Henri upon hearing his approach and ramble to himself in German.


Provided that Henri has acquired the Wrench from the locker, the Prison can be fully explored. Through one of the corridors of the Central Bunker, Henri can enter the Prison. Inside is a straightforward path, a corridor passing by two locked doors that reaches the prisoner cells. Upon entering the area you will immediately hear the German prisoner begging to be freed while speaking in German. He is stuck inside of a cell with no visible way to open. Back at the entrance of the cell block is a door that leads into the Storage Room. Beat this door down with a brick or blow it apart with a grenade or shotgun blast. Henri will most certainly alert the Stalker, being forced to either fight him until he leaves or hide inside in one of the sub-rooms of the Storage.

Inside, Henri can use the Wrench on a vent in the corner to gain access to the Warden's Office. Inside, Henri can man an electrically-powered control panel (meaning the generator needs to be fueled and active) to open any of the cell gates of the Prison. Doing this, Henri will alert the Beast again, so he must act quickly, running out through the unlockable door or through the vent. If Henri had killed the prisoner beforehand, the noise might be low enough that the beast will not emerge just yet. Henri will head into the cell and grab the Cutters that sit atop a chair next to the prisoner. Once done, Henri can use these Cutters to progress back at Storage Area C in the Arsenal.


  • The player can choose the fate of the prisoner, either killing him himself with any weapon through the cell bars, opening the gate and letting him die, or if fast enough, open the cell and hold the beast back just enough to be able to go back into the Warden's Office and close the door. Doing so, he will be left in his cell, fate unknown. This gives the achievement "Life Preserver."
  • If the Generator runs out of Fuel while Henri is inside one of the cells, it will not close until he leaves it.
  • If the generator runs out of fuel after Henri gets the cutters, and the prisoner is still alive, the player will get the relevant achievement for allowing the prisoner to live despite not directly impacting his survival. This is because the cell doors automatically shut if the power goes out, which if timed correctly can save the prisoner.