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One of my responsibilities as a baron is that of a prison warden. This is where criminals are locked up.

Alexander telling Daniel about the prison.

The Prison is a section of Brennenburg Castle. It is divided into two blocks: Northern and Southern. This and its northern counterpart are arguably one of the most dangerous areas of the game, disregarding the Choir.



In the Prison, you should rely on your Lantern more than tinderboxes. It gives you advantages to hide in the dark from enemies.

The Prison is where Alexander of Brennenburg kept his human victims before they were brought down to the torture rooms. It is a maze of hallways and jail cells and is patrolled by Servant Grunts. Servant Brutes will also make various appearances, but they will be purely cinematic. As with the Storage, the player should explore this section of the castle with extreme caution as the darkness, the labyrinthine disposition of the rooms, and especially the great number of enemy encounters make this location one of the most dangerous in the game.

It is inadvisable to conserve on lantern oil by lighting many torches, partly because The Shadow often blows out sources of light, wasting tinderboxes, but mostly due to the Gatherers. However, lantern oil may be found in various places in the Prison anyway. Trying to escape from a pursuing [Grunt in these lit corridors is almost impossible and will likely result in Daniel being killed if you run into a dead-end. The best way to deal with Grunts, as in previous areas such as the Storage, is to keep one's ears open for a Grunt's growl, which is triggered by picking up certain objects or moving into certain areas, and immediately turn around and hide in a small room with the door closed and the lantern off. If you're spotted and cornered, duck past the Grunt and run somewhere else with the lantern off. Daniel can withstand a couple of hits from Grunts, and Laudanum can be taken if first aid is needed.

A Brute can be heard savagely beating a screaming man, suggesting that there are some prisoners still left, although this can be just another one of Daniel's hallucinations. It is believed that most of the people being held in the Prison cells had been taken away for torture or died of other causes long ago.


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Light sources[]

Use Lantern in this dark area to protect Sanity loss, be as quick as you can to solve puzzles before you waste too much oil, goes the same for North Prison. There is 9 Candles, 25 Torches, 0 Lamps, 0 Fires.


1. Triggers right after just got off the elevator.

2. Triggers in cell with the chipper.

3. Triggers in cell with hole under bed.


"Do you see, Daniel? A whole other world – isn't it beautiful?"
The following section is written from an out-of-universe perspective.
  • Directly ahead, a collection of debris blocks a door. Move the debris to open it.
  • Down the hall, there are three ways to go: to the right, to the left, and up a staircase.
  • To the right, there is a tinderbox at the end, in front of some rubble. In the cell in this hallway, there is a tinderbox on the floor next to a chair.
  • The hallway on the left has two cells. The one on the left has a tinderbox inside a tipped-over bucket, and an oil potion on the floor next to the bed. The one on the right has the Hammer.
    • Hard Mode tip: Avoid going to the end of the hallway, past the cell doors. This will trigger a scene behind the locked door at the end of the hall of a Brute dragging a man away, which incurs a significant 20 sanity loss.
      • This also happens if you stand in the corner of the cell with the Hammer, near the candle. Avoid getting close to this corner.
  • Cautiously make your way up the stairs, as a Grunt will spawn ahead and to the right while ascending them. Turn back and find somewhere to hide. Anywhere out of sight of the foot of the stairs will do, which is where the Grunt will go. It will then turn around, heading back up the stairs. After it reaches the top, it will turn to the right and through the barred door down the steps at the far end.
    • Hard Mode tip: The Grunt's faster movement speed makes it reach the stairs significantly faster. This means if you try to move directly backward, you will be spotted due to the light shaft. You will not have enough time to round the corner. Because of this, the only option you have is to go down the hallway directly adjacent to the steps.
  • With the Grunt gone, it is safe to go up the stairs. Ahead of you is an oil potion on a chair. To the right, where the Grunt went, there is a collapsed passage on the right. A tinderbox and laudanum are among the rubble.
  • Down the steps, there is a tinderbox to the left of the door that the Grunt entered, which is now locked. Attempting to open it will trigger another scene similar to the previous one, this time involving a prisoner being chased by a Brute.
  • Going back, you will find a hallway with four cells: one at each end, and one at each intersection.
    • In the cell at the right end, the bed can be moved to reveal a hole in the floor. The opening is too small for you to pass through, so you will have to widen it.
    • Entering the next cell will cause a Grunt to spawn down the hall. Close the door and hide on the left side of the cell. A tinderbox is found in front of the bed, and an oil potion behind the bed.
    • The cell near the other end of the hall is locked, but you will be able to open it soon enough.
    • The cell at the end of the hall contains the Chipper. Combine it with the Hammer to obtain the Hammer and Chipper.
    • The Hammer and Chipper can now be used to open the locked cell, which has an oil barrel inside.
  • Return to the hole and use the Hammer and Chipper to widen it, allowing you to exit to the Prison – Northern Block.


Puzzle items[]

  • Chipper
  • Hammer


  • Follow the corridor until you get to an intersection, then take a right. Follow the corridor to the end. The tinderbox is on the ground near some rubble blocking the path. (86)
  • After picking it up, head into the cell that you just passed heading to 86. A tinderbox can be found on the ground next to a fallen-over chair. (87)
  • Head back to the intersection and take a left this time (looking from where you first accessed the intersection). Follow the corridor until you reach an area with cells on either side of you. Enter the cell on your left. The tinderbox can be found hidden inside of a bucket. (88)
  • Once again, head back to the intersection, and this time, go up the stairs and follow the corridor to the right at the top of the stairs. Be careful as a Grunt may be roaming this area. Follow the corridor until you come across another intersection. Here, take a right, and you will find the tinderbox on the ground near some rubble and a bottle of Laudanum. (9)
  • Head back out, and take a right, down the stairs to the locked gate. The tinderbox is on the ground in front of the gate. (90)
  • Head back up the stairs and take the first right. Then head straight until you come across another intersection and a cell right in front of you. Enter the cell and you will find the tinderbox on the ground along with an oil canister. (91)


  • There is one container in a cell at the end of the corridor that's on your left when you get to the stairs. It's opposite the cell where you find the hammer.
  • An oil container sits on a chair in the main hallway.
  • In a cell close to the cell with the hidden hole under the bed.
  • There is an oil barrel in a cell just north of the potion you find on a chair in the hallway. The door is jammed, and you will have to use the hammer and chipper to smash the lock.


  • In a small dead-end corridor blocked by rocks next to a tinderbox.


There are no documents in this area.


  • The hallway seen behind the locked bar door is part of the Northern Block.
  • If the player closes the padlocked door behind them after breaking the lock and watches the Grunt approach the door, it will despawn.[citation needed]
  • The two Brutes found in the South Block are both named "im_in_a_bad_mood" and "im_just_cute_and_happy".[citation needed]
  • If one were to listen closely to the music that is played in the background of the first event encountered, which features of supposedly a Brute savagely beating a man, they could hear that the theme for an attacking Brute can be heard in the background.
  • The soundtrack heard in this area is also heard in Storage.
  • There's a rare chance a Grunt won't spawn when entering the cell that contains Tinderbox and Oil potion inside.
  • In a flashback, Alexander states that the Elevator will allow them to travel the vertical part of their journey to Inner Sanctum,[1] which implies prison is located at more or less the same depth as Inner Sanctum.


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