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One of my responsibilities as a baron is that of a prison warden. This is where criminals are locked up.

Alexander telling Daniel about the prison.

The Prison is a section of Brennenburg Castle. It is divided into two blocks: Northern and Southern. This and its southern counterpart are arguably one of the most dangerous areas of the game, disregarding the Choir.



In the Prison, you should rely on your Lantern more than tinderboxes. It gives you advantages to hide in the dark from enemies.

The Prison is where Alexander of Brennenburg kept his human victims before they were brought down to the torture rooms. It is a maze of hallways and jail cells and is patrolled by Servant Grunts. Servant Brutes will also make various appearances, but they will be purely cinematic. As with the Storage, the player should explore this section of the castle with extreme caution as the darkness, the labyrinthine disposition of the rooms, and especially the great number of enemy encounters make this location one of the most dangerous in the game.

It is inadvisable to conserve on lantern oil by lighting many torches, partly because The Shadow often blows out sources of light, wasting tinderboxes, but mostly due to the Gatherers. However, lantern oil may be found in various places in the Prison anyway. Trying to escape from a pursuing Grunt in these lit corridors is almost impossible and will likely result in Daniel being killed if you run into a dead-end. The best way to deal with Grunts, as in previous areas such as the Storage, is to keep one's ears open for a Grunt's growl, which is triggered by picking up certain objects or moving into certain areas, and immediately turn around and hide in a small room with the door closed and the lantern off. If you're spotted and cornered, duck past the Grunt and run somewhere else with the lantern off. Daniel can withstand a couple of hits from Grunts, and Laudanum can be taken if first aid is needed.

A Brute can be heard savagely beating a screaming man, suggesting that there are some prisoners still left, although this can be just another one of Daniel's hallucinations. It is believed that most of the people being held in the Prison cells had been taken away for torture or died of other causes long ago.


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Light sources[]

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1. Triggers near the entrance to Cistern Entrance and near Grunt Encounter 5 (look at Map)

2. Triggers in one of cells in Cell Area III

Use Lantern in this dark area to protect Sanity loss, be as quick as you can to solve puzzles before you waste too much oil, goes the same for South Prison. There is 4 Candles, 36 Torches, 0 Lamps and 1 Fire (in kitchen).


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"Do you see, Daniel? A whole other world – isn't it beautiful?"
The following section is written from an out-of-universe perspective.
  • Moving forward through the tunnel, you will come to a branch. Go to the right, as the left is a dead end.
  • Push the rocks out of the way to emerge into a hallway. To the right is the kitchen, but you do not want to go there just yet; if you enter the kitchen, a Grunt will spawn when you come back out. Instead, go to the left and up the stairs.
  • You will come to an intersection. This area is a loop, but we will go left to start.
  • There are three cells in the hallway to the left.
    • The cell on the left has a tinderbox near a corpse and an oil potion next to a candle.
    • The cell on the right contains a tinderbox, under a table.
    • The cell at the end of the hall contains a diary entry. Picking it up will cause a Grunt to spawn.
  • Continuing around the loop, you will see a gate labeled "To Cistern Entrance." However, it is locked. You will need to find a way to remove the lock.
  • A tinderbox is on the floor to the right of the gate. There is a long hallway to the right, which we will ignore for now.
  • Circling around, you will be forced to look at a Brute walking past at the far end of the hallway. It is not dangerous, as it will go through a gate, slamming it behind itself.
  • Midway through this hallway, there are two cells on opposite sides.
    • A Grunt will spawn if you attempt to open the cell on the left, so skip it for now.
    • In the other cell, there is a diary entry and a tinderbox on a table.
  • At the end of the hall, there are steps to the right, which lead to the storage room.
    • There are two tinderboxes and an oil potion in a large chest.
    • Two more tinderboxes are on a shelf on the opposite side.
    • On a shelf near the torch is the Glass Jar.
  • On your way back up the steps from the storage room, a Grunt will come out of the cell in the hallway. Quietly return to the storage room and wait there. You should be safe there, provided that the monster does not see or hear you go there.
  • The cell you skipped over before will now be open, which is where the Grunt just came from. Inside are an oil potion and a tinderbox.
  • You may now go to the kitchen. Shortly after entering, a Grunt will spawn in the hallway behind you. The best place to hide is where the pig carcasses are, by the vat of acid.
    • A diary entry is on the table to the right.
    • An oil potion rests on the edge of the fireplace to the left.
    • Two tinderboxes are on a shelf on the right, between the pillars.
    • Laudanum is on a shelf across from the vat of acid.
  • Use the Glass Jar on the vat of acid to fill the jar with acid. This acid is what you need to weaken the lock.
  • Go back to the locked gate. Before you break the lock, you can explore the long hallway to the left. At the end of it around a corner is a tinderbox. Rounding this corner will spawn a Grunt in the hallway, so stay put and wait for it to despawn.
    • Hard Mode tip: This tinderbox may or may not spawn. You can check if it is there beforehand by looking through the gate from the other side.
  • Apply the Jar of Acid to the lock, then use the Hammer and Chipper on it. A Grunt will immediately spawn directly behind you, so quickly open the gate and run to the exit to the Entrance to Cistern.


Puzzle items[]


  • Crawl out of the crawlspace and follow the sign labelled "Kitchen". Once you reach the kitchen, check on a shelf on the right side of the room for two tinderboxes.(92 & 93)
  • Exit the kitchen, go past the crawlspace and up the stairs. Follow the corridor until you see a sign labelled "Cell Block III", then head right, following the sign labelled "Storage." When you reach the next fork, take a right and then head into the first cell on your right side. A tinderbox and a piece of Daniel's Diary can be found in here on a bedside table.(94)
  • Head into the cell opposite the one you were just in. Be wary, though, as there is a Servant Grunt in here. If you get killed by him you will respawn in the cell. The tinderbox is in a corner on a pile of filth in a small sub-room of the cell.(95)
  • Head back out and to your left, towards Cell Block IV. Go right at the fork and down the stairs, and you will reach the storage just around the corner. In the storage, you can find a whole four tinderboxes: Two on a shelf on the right side, and two in a chest on the left side with an oil canister.(96, 97, 98, & 99)
  • Head back out and back up the stairs, take a left and follow the corridor past the two cells and then take a right at the fork. Keep heading straight at the next fork, around the bend, and then take a right at the next fork. Follow the corridor until you reach an area with cells on either side of you. Head into the cell on your right and you will find a tinderbox on the ground underneath a small table. (100)
  • In the other cell opposite this one, a tinderbox can be found near the dead man.(101)
  • Going back out the cell, and back left at the fork, and then another left at the next fork, and then straight ahead, you will find yourself at the gate to the Cistern Entrance. A tinderbox can be found on the floor near the gate.(102)
  • Taking the last fork before the gate to the cistern entrance, and following the corridor all the way to the end, the final tinderbox of the Prison can be found on the floor near a locked gate and a couple of boxes and barrels.(103)


  • There is one oil container hidden in the kitchen.
  • In a tiny cell in the western part of the prison.
  • There is one container in the back of a cell you pass by on your way to the Storage. Be aware though, as a Grunt roams this cell.
  • One container can be found in a chest in the storage.
There are no oil barrels in this area.


  • In a corner of the kitchen.


  • Daniels Diary – Brennenburg: three (3) entries.
    • One entry can be found in the prison kitchen.
    • Another entry can be found in a cell to your right as you're heading towards the storage.
    • A third entry can be found on the floor in a cell at the end of the corridor you reach if you head to the left once you reach the fork that is labelled "Cell Area III."


  • Through a barred window you can see a lit spiral stairway leading down into the depths of the castle. This area is not to be confused with the Nave and is inaccessible.
  • If the player somehow gets killed by a Grunt inside the tunnel you must crawl through to reach the North Block, the player will respawn in the tunnel, but the latter will be consumed by the Shadow.[citation needed]
  • One monster can be avoided simply by going to the storage room and obtaining the glass jar before entering the Kitchen. 
  • If one were to enter the Kitchen at the first objective and be killed by a Servant Grunt, the player will respawn in the area behind the barred gate seen in the Southern Block where the Brute could be seen walking by. As you walk forward, the sound of a Grunt breaking down the door to your right can be heard and some sanity will be lost. 
  • If the player were to put one of the white plates inside the acid container, the plate will break and its shards will become glitched and will start to randomly shake in the air. This is most likely a glitch due to the hitbox of the acid jar. The acid jar is specifically a static entity, as the plate's entity file has a breaking format. The remnants are noted as different entities, but still have the same hitbox as the plate itself as a whole, causing massive glitches.
  • When entered to a dead end the player can hear someone whispering "save me".[citation needed] This may indicate that one or more prisoners were still alive and incarcerated during the events in this game. Another possibility is that this was another auditory hallucination affecting Daniel's senses.
  • In a flashback, Alexander states that the Elevator will allow them to travel the vertical part of their journey to Inner Sanctum,[1] which implies prison is located at more or less the same depth as Inner Sanctum.


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