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The pocket watch is a tool item in Amnesia: The Bunker. Its sole purpose is to assist the player in keeping track of how much petrol remains in the generator powering the lights.


The pocket watch is found in the same room as the generator, in the Central Bunker area. Every time more fuel is added to the generator, Henri will turn the watch to sync with the newly changed time remaining once the watch is brought out. Though the watch ticks audibly while active, it is not loud enough to attract the Beast's attention. With this syncing, the player can indirectly measure how much in-game time has passed. The speed of the generator burning fuel will increase with the chosen difficulty setting, meaning that the generator will need to be fueled more frequently on harder difficulties.

Due to the watch being an essential item, it cannot be dropped out of the player's inventory. It can only be removed from the inventory by using the storage box. Although leaving the watch in the storage box can free up an inventory space, this creates the risk of the player not knowing how much time the generator can stay powered. If playing in Custom mode, setting the generator's fuel time to "infinite" will remove the watch entirely, since it will no longer be needed.

Fuel times[]

The following list will provide the maximum estimated time the generator will be active while fully fueled for each setting seen in Custom Mode, with the matching difficulty modes seen in parentheses:

  • Minimum - 6:15
  • Very Short - 10:00
  • Short - 13:45 (Hard, Shell Shocked)
  • Default - 17:30 (Normal)
  • Long - 25:00 (Easy)
  • Very Long - 35:00 (Very Easy)
  • Infinite

Regardless of the time spent in real life, the duration of a full generator to provide electricity with in-game timing, is constant (1 hour).