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The Pigline is the thirteenth (13th) level in Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs.

Mandus, having made it back into one of The Machine's chambers, is now focused on exacting revenge. He has to stop the chaos in London by deactivating the Machine, which includes sabotaging the Pigline.


It is located underground and is a part of The Machine's structure. It is here where the product is processed into the system. Torsos can be seen moving across the line on hooks where they are first heated by flames, then passed into a section of the engine and are split in halves by the blade. The collected organs and blood are further siphoned through pipes and are disposed of in the Tripery.

Farming the World[]

I know you machine. I know what you fear. I will rain excrement into your very soul. I will destroy you.

Oswald Mandus

As Mandus returns to the underground through an elevator in the Streets of London, he reaches the entrance of the Pigline. It contains many pieces of large machinery below the catwalks. The way into the Pigline Main Operations room is guarded by a Wretch, causing Mandus to flood the facility with Compound X by shutting down the coolant engines before electrifying it with the spark plug, in order to kill it and continue.

After passing the Wretch, Oswald shuts down the Pigline by sabotaging the main controls, causing the door to the Tripery to open. He then goes down a ladder to the Tripery, experiencing a flashback with Professor A along the way.

At the end of the long walkway, there is a room similar to the bedroom of his children. Mandus hallucinates as he sees Edwin and Enoch standing before him and pull out their hearts, causing Mandus to black out. He awakes in a river of blood and proceeds through the stream until he enters a vast room filled with blood and a single elevator. Mandus continues forward and enters the elevator, which takes him to the Tesla.


"Do you see, Daniel? A whole other world – isn't it beautiful?"
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Found Documents[]

  • October 25th 1899 - Head out onto the catwalk and cross the bridge, but before you head through the door, turn left and walk all the way to the end of the catwalk. The note is on a box.
  • October 27th 1899 - Head through the vault door and press on until you reach a staircase. Ascend the staircase and enter the room. The note is to your right, nailed onto some machinery on the wall.
  • October 27th 1899 - After sabotaging the machine, head through the open vault door behind you. Take the second right and head through another vault door into a small room filled with boxes. This note is on one of the boxes.
  • December 2nd 1899 - Keep walking until you reach a long catwalk. Follow the catwalk but stop at the staircase. This note is nailed onto the wall on your right right before the staircase.


  • A Wretch can be seen playing with building blocks further into the tunnels below, which shows that the Wretch is possibly formed by morphing a pig with one of the orphanage children.
  • Inside a room beyond a locked gate, a Wretch is seen feasting on a human corpse; a second Wretch is cowering in the corner nearby. As you are behind the gate, you can notice how this is a part of Oswald's mansion being taken over by the Machine and the pigline.
  • It's unknown if the room at the end of the Tripery is an extension of the Machine or simply a hallucination.
  • If Mandus were to walk through the water while it is electrified, he would take damage, but would not die. The screen will flash white when making contact with the deadly water and will drain Oswald's health occasionally until it is at its lowest state. This is most likely a glitch.