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Pig Mask

The Pig Mask is a mysterious item that silently stalks after Oswald Mandus throughout Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs.


Oswald never once sees it move directly after him, however he comes to realise it is always unnervingly following either just behind him, or one step ahead of him. It often switches places just to confuse him.

It would appear to be of Mesoamerican origin, but the lines, markings, and other features on it are very strange, especially the orb on its forehead with miniature stars adorning it. However, It could also likely be of alternate origin - as swine weren't introduced to the Americas until the early 1500s, along with the fact that Spanish forces would have conquered most of Mesoamerica around that time. However this could have been an oversight by the developers.

It has a weird sinister grin, though depending on what angle one looks at it, or what position its staring at Mandus, it's either mockingly jeering at him, or is giving off a dejected angry glare.

Though it never directly harms Oswald, it does manage at least one jump-scare in the game when it flashes briefly before Mandus' sight while climbing a ladder in the Bilge Pumps. Many Pig Masks rain down upon a note explaining what fate befell his children, Edwin and Enoch Mandus.


  • The Pig Mask might be an alternate, more physical form, of the guardian of the orbs, the Shadow from Amnesia: The Dark Descent. Like with Daniel, it's constantly pursuing Oswald, though unlike with Daniel, is not directly attacking him, or actively hunting him. It seems content to just watch Mandus to see what he'll do without interfering him. But like with Daniel, it's always watching, always knowing where the businessman is.
  • The Pig Mask might also be a representation of The Engineer, looming after Mandus and watching him proceed through his journey. Or it might just be a figment of Mandus' broken psyche haunting him.
  • It's possible that the ghosts of Mandus' deceased children are moving the mask, guiding Mandus towards redemption.
  • The markings on its forehead likely represent the Orb on its mantle, with a heart surrounded by a red tree trunk-like shape below. The heart may be a symbol for the hearts torn out of Edwin and Enoch, and/or the heart of The Machine itself. The "trunk" either representing the blood shed from their sacrifice and/or the people, pigs and Manpigs slaughtered by The Machine.
  • The pig masks may simply be some sort of nebulous, paranormal and somewhat taunting occurrence that represents Mandus' situation, and the game's pig themes.
  • The mask's painted markings are of unknown ethnic origin. They closely resemble the designs of traditional Native American masks (i.e. Mexico), but also those of Northern Europe (i.e. Sweden) and even that of a Beijing opera mask (i.e. China). If this is true, then its design represents the game's backstory in Mexico, the native country of Frictional Games and The Chinese Room's namesake.
  • If one observes the mask carefully, one will notice The Pig Mask's eyes are convex, giving the appearance of following Oswald's movement.
  • It's safe to assume that the Shadow is not the only Orb guardian in the Amnesia series, it's probable that the mask's might be another guardian of the Orb in Mexico that Mandus receives from the temple.