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"They weren't looking forward to visitors, were they?"
This article contains spoilers for Amnesia: The Bunker. Proceed with caution.

Photos are a novel introduction to the Amnesia series in Amnesia: The Bunker, and they can be found scattered throughout the titular bunker. They are one of the primary sources of knowledge for Henri Clement, illustrating both events occuring in the bunker and clues for avenues of progress through it. Once found, they are kept in Henri's inventory, in their own tab.

This page lists all the photos that are found in The Bunker.


Full list of photos
Photo Subject Location
Photo 0 Prying a vent cover off. Central Bunker
Photo 1 Cutting a tripwire. Arsenal
Photo 2 Soldier party, with a conspicuous vent. Soldier Quarters
Photo 3 Petrol Bomb preparations. Maintenance
Photo 4 Henri and Augustin. Central Bunker
Photo 5 Augustin with family. Soldier Quarters
Photo 6 Roman Tunnels layout diagram. Soldier Quarters
Photo 7 Shooting a door open. Roman Tunnels
Photo 8 Bunking arrangement diagram. Soldier Quarters
Photo 9 Severed hand by a wall hole. Officer Quarters
Photo 10 Preparing documents and maps by lamplight. Prison
Photo 11 Lights circuit diagram. Soldier Quarters
Photo 12 Repulsing rats from corpses with fire. Maintenance
Photo 13 Scratched metal door. Officer Quarters
Photo 14 Reynard's mangled corpse. Central Bunker
Photo 15 Detonator Handle in the Roman Tunnels. Officer Quarters

Central Bunker[]

There are three (3) Photos located in the Central Bunker.

  • Photo 0 – found in the Mission Storage room.
  • Photo 4 – found in the Mission Storage room.
  • Photo 14 – found in the Doctor's Office.

Photo 0[]

Photo 4[]

Photo 14[]

Officer Quarters[]

There are three (3) Photos located in the Officer Quarters.

  • Photo 9 – found in Fournier's Room.
  • Photo 13 – found in Joubert's Room.
  • Photo 15 – found in the Strategic Operations room.

Photo 9[]

Photo 13[]

Photo 15[]


There is only one (1) Photo located in the Prison.

  • Photo 10 – found in the Warden's Office.

Photo 10[]

Soldier Quarters[]

There are five (5) Photos located in the Soldier Quarters.

  • Photo 2 – found in the Darkroom.
  • Photo 5 – found in Barracks B.
  • Photo 6 – found in the Mess Hall storage closet.
  • Photo 8 – found in the Clerk's Office.
  • Photo 11 – found in the hallway.

Photo 2[]

Photo 5[]

Photo 6[]

Photo 8[]

Photo 11[]


There are two (2) Photos located in Maintenance.

  • Photo 3 – found in the Foreman's Quarters.
  • Photo 12 – found in the Clerk's Office.

Photo 3[]

Photo 12[]


There is only one (1) Photo located in the Arsenal.

  • Photo 1 – found in the Clerk's Office.

Photo 1[]

Roman Tunnels[]

There is only one (1) Photo located in the Roman Tunnels.

  • Photo 7 – found in the save room at the entrance to the Tunnels.

Photo 7[]