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"They weren't looking forward to visitors, were they?"
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I was there when they pulled your friend Noyer from the tunnels. He'd been screaming for hours before he was located. Tied to the stretcher, he was still trying to scream but all that came out was a horrible rasp. All of the engineers have seen things down there. Myself included. We should talk, you and I, about what is to be done. Let me know when.

Engr. Ozanne Zabelle's conspiratorial message to Sdt. Farber, May 25th, 1916

Engineer Ozanne Zabelle is a character in Amnesia: The Bunker. He was a French soldier and army engineer stationed on the western front of the First World War.[1]


Early life[]

Ozanne Zabelle was likely born somewhere in France.[1] He was presumably conscripted or volunteered for the war as a soldier in the French Army and sent to the front to help repel the advance of the German army. He became part of the engineering corps, suggesting that he had some kind of experience in such work beforehand. At some point in time, he and his unit were stationed at or transferred to the bunker.

The explosive sabotage[]

The conditions in the bunker worsened as the men started seeing and hearing things from the tunnels and in their dreams.[3][4] The officers however refused to listen to the men and instead punished those who spoke out. Things eventually reached a point where Zabelle sent a missive to Soldat Farber, one of his friends.[3][4][2] Zabelle told him that something would have to be done, and arranged for them to have a discussion.[2]

Farber acquiesced, and gathered a group of men he could trust, which included Zabelle, Sdt. FC Jean Renoir, Sdt. FC Johannes Nicolay, Sdt. Gaspar LaRue, and Sdt. Toussaint Beaufoy.[5][6] They plotted to blow up the tunnel entrance and seal off the demons within.[5][6] Zabelle was likely the one who acquired and set up the explosives to seal off the tunnels, as he was the only one of the group who was an engineer, and thus trained and practiced in setting down charges. On June 2nd, they successfully carried out their plan, and the tunnel was sealed.[5][6] Commandant Fournier was apoplectic, and ordered Sgt. Reynard to conduct a thorough and ruthless investigation to discover the culprits.[7] Reynard correctly assumed those who had warned the others about the tunnels were the most likely to be guilty, and by June 9th was able to round up four of the six mutineers, including Renoir, Nicolay, LaRue, and Zabelle.[5][6] Zabelle was the fifth of the men to confess and be arrested.[5][6] Beaufoy was also identified as a mutineer but was presumed to have been killed in the blast.[8]

After the arrests, Maj. Sgt. Delpy and Reynard tortured the men for information. Under this pressure, LaRue broke and gave up knowledge about the missing Toussaint Beaufoy, confirming that he was a mutineer and that he’d left the group a short while before the sabotage.[8] However, none of the men gave up their ringleader Farber, and Ozanne and his fellow mutineers were then court-martialed on June 11th, after which the officers decided to have them thrown into a pit to starve to death.[9] But Delpy and Reynard continued to sadistically torture them until at least June 14th.[5] After which they were executed, likely by the means Reynard suggested.

Events of Amnesia: The Bunker[]

As Zabelle is dead by the time the game takes place, he is only mentioned in the array of notes.



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  • The male given name Ozanne derives from the French female personal name Osanne which is based on a Biblical liturgical word, the Latin form of which is "Hosanna" (from Hebrew hosha'na ‘save we pray’). This was the cry of acclamation that greeted Jesus when he rode into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday (Matthew 2 8–9).[10]


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