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The Other World (also known as Zerzura,[1] Eden,[1] or The Dark World) was the homeworld of Empress Tihana and Alexander of Brennenburg. By most, it was only known simply as the "Other World."

Though mentioned many times in the first two games of the Amnesia series, it is not seen nor visited until the third game, Amnesia: Rebirth.


If the nationality of Process Subject 1145SV[2] was Otherworldly, at least one part of this world contained a grassy hill, a woodland/forest (with green leaves) nearby, the sky was blue and rains were present in this climate.[3] There is explicit mention that goats were present in the fields,[3] a possible indication of domestication of animals in Other World.

The Other World's environment might have contained water, as an animal species originated from this world is a water-based dweller,[4] and the second Empress was known as the "Spear of the Isles".[5] Also, Process Subject 1145SV's son played at a beach (possibly, the boy's name was Pavlos),[6] indicating the presence of at least one sea or ocean in this world.[7]

Daniel may or may not have glimpsed a bit of the Other World when he first discovered his Orb: the orb gave Daniel visions of "spiraling towers, endless deserts, and impossible geometry."[8] This may indicate that, prior to its destruction, some parts of the Other World's layout consisted of dry, desert-like environments, while the "impossible geometry" may refer possibly to the world's written language or its presumably highly advanced architecture.


The majority of the inhabitants of the Other World appear to be humanoid, distinguished by their blue skin.[citation needed] Some of the Other World's inhabitants used Vitae to extend their lives (notably Kita and Empress Tihana). In the wake of the Other World's collapse, it is now largely inhabited by Ghouls and Wraiths.

Only a handful of normal humanoids can be seen in the Other World. These individuals are either hooked up to life support machines powered by Vitae (resembling nearly pitch black humanoids with barely visible eyes and other features), Ghouls, Wraiths, or victims waiting to be processed. The capital city appears extensive when viewed from a vantage, so whether there is a remaining live population is unknown.


Before The Dark Descent[]

Very little part of the Other World's ancient history is known, apart from the names of the six prior empresses before Tihana and a vague mention of "The True Ancestors".[9] Alexander claims that humanity didn't even exist when Other World civilization began.[10] Based on the high level of technological and magical equipment, the Other World's Empire had existed for a considerable length of time in comparison to contemporary human cultures. At some point, and by some method prior to the destruction of the Other World, the Other Worldly people discovered the existence of Vitae and its practical applications.

At an unknown time, Kita and his friends attempted to sabotage the vitae extraction process by infecting the machines in The Factory (including The Lower Factory) with the Shadow's residue and destroying The Great Gate.[9][11][12] Although they managed to destroy the Great Gate, they failed to stop the machines in the Factory because one of the traitors was buried under the collapsed floor before he was able to infect the system.[12] The destruction of the Great Gate had unforeseen consequences: the environment was catastrophically damaged and turned alchemists into wraiths.[11] Kita was forced to attach himself to a vitae supply and plan new ways to stop this extraction process.

Notes[specify] written by Alexander indicate that, at the time of Earth's early 19th century, the Other World was more advanced than Earth in terms of technology, as the world used some sort of electricity as its power source,[citation needed] whereas Earth had not developed any electric tools at the time.

During The Dark Descent and Rebirth[]

From Prof. Herbert's notes in Amnesia: Rebirth, it can be safely inferred that the Other World was already destroyed by 1839 CE, the year Amnesia: The Dark Descent was set (Earth reckoning).[13][14][15][16][17] This is corroborated by the fact that human artifacts found in Other World torture/research facility are mostly from antiquity, with no more recent objects present. Lastly, it is unlikely that the mithraic temple linked to The Portal Chamber in Amnesia: Rebirth would have been tolerated by the Other Worlders,[expound] implying that the Other World was destroyed by the early Roman era at the latest.

During Amnesia: Rebirth, considerable amount of buildings remain standing (either intact or partly collapsed) but, other than two Other Worldly individuals, only known living people are Ghouls, Wraiths and the vitae extraction victims. Portals, rifts, many devices and some transportation vehicles are still operational.

Political landscape[]

It is hinted at that the Other World had known some political strife.[18] Mention is made of a place called the Enkindled Fortress, ruled by "Septarch Ilyander."[18] The Fortress seemed to have dispatched envoys to the outer isles of the Empire under the guise of a trading mission with presumably some ulterior motive,[18] which was commented on negatively in one of the tablets.[specify] Further on, it is mentioned how the breakthroughs regarding Vitae could be used for defense,[18] hinting that the political situation of the Other World was not entirely peaceful. Alexander was also apparently a citizen of the Fortress,[19] (presumably under the name of Ayandra) but was banished for "apostasy" and came to the Empire to seek asylum,[19] further lending credence to the assumption that the Enkindled Fortress was, at the very least, not on polite terms with the Empire.

When picked up, data tablets appear consecutively appear in several languages, including English. This maybe an indication for several languages were being spoken in the Other World and these people could understand some human languages (or at least, people in The Empire understood it). They had bases in our world, as a result, they can be expected that they were able understand other human languages than English.

The Empire[]

While the Other World seems to have been composed of more than one independent or semi-independent political states, the largest and most powerful of these was simply referred to as "the Empire." The Empire was at one point a vast, highly advanced civilization.


The government of the Empire appeared to be that of a matriarchal hereditary monarchy, as subjects to an Empress, of which there had been seven.[5] The last Empress, Tihana, became effectively immortal as a result of Vitae, which she consumed initially to cure her illness. Later on the Empress and her alchemists sought to alter the quality of life for both the monarch and the populace, creating the Ghouls to gather human life-stock to provide this energy supply. City-spanning, monumental torture machines ensured an infinite flow of the substance, rendering the Empress' lifespan indefinite, as well as any surviving subjects who managed to hook themselves into the Vitae supply network.


Magic and alchemy were commonplace in the Empire, and possibly other countries as well. The Orbs were understood well enough that the civilization harnessed their power, until Kita's assasination plan destroyed this civilization. While memory jars throughout the ruins speak of a normal world of planes and forests similar to Earth, the Other World now is a blasted wasteland with a greenish lambent sun., with nearly all of its inhabitants deceased or transformed into Wraiths. Only a small handful of the dominant population survived, along with a species of vine and small, slug-like creatures. While the direct cause of this is unknown, the alchemist, Kita, believes that his experiments with the Orbs were responsible. This catastrophe also caused the Shadow to appear, which they called "The Flesh" in reference to the red pulsating flesh that it spreads.

Some artwork were found on the walls and tables of the Factory. They resemble the Ancient Egyptian and Greece style. These artwork depict Vitae extraction and some people paying tribute to Empress Tihana. From this knowledge, it can be assumed that Otherworldly people have developed appreciation for and expertise of paintings and decorations.


At least one of the Other World's civilizations was by all means a highly advanced culture, utilising both technology and magic to achieve a level of development that surpasses most, if not all of Humanity's achievements by the time Amnesia: Rebirth takes place. Machinery showed a great variety of size and sophistication, ranging from near-megalithic size all the way down to devices that would be carriable by hand.

The structures were of a cyclopean build, using what appears to be reinforced stone or concrete along with metal and glass, with some that rival skyscrapers in height and were equipped with advanced technology such as button-operated doors, wireless energy nodes, teleportation devices and other techno-magical wonders. Esoteric technologies such as Memory Capsules and Data Tablets were used regularly by seemingly all levels of society.[citation needed]

It is not known what forms of transportation were used, but the Traveler's Locket and teleporters seem to suggest that teleportation was used for personal transport and some bulk cargo (such as human subjects being transported from Earth to the Other World). More mundane modes of transport certainly existed within the capital of the Empire, such as elevators and aerial lifts.

They had at least one portal between Earth and the Other World to travel back and forth. Location of one of these in our Earth is known: the portal near Tomb of Tin Hinan, under the Algerian Desert. It was visited by Tasi in Amnesia: Rebirth and was being studied by Prof. Herbert's team (including Daniel) before the events in Amnesia: The Dark Descent. It is unknown if Alexander used this portal to come our Earth. He might have used another portal near Prussia (if there were any).[speculation] Khaled stated that there were several of these gates.[20] So, Alexander might have used any of these gates to come to Earth. Besides the portals, Otherworldly people seem to utilise rifts to travel between the worlds. There are several of them in Algerian Desert and it is unknown if there are any rifts in other parts of Earth.

Role of Vitae[]

The culture of the Empire, and possibly the Other World in general, appeared to orbit around Vitae, although it is not known whether this had always been the case, as Temaku and his subordinates initially took measures to make the torture used to produce it more efficient and humane in fear of public backlash.[21] While the torture was considered an unfortunate necessity rather than something enjoyable, inflicting pain and torture on other humans became commonplace and was studied thoroughly.

The production of Vitae appeared to serve a multitude of functions in the civilization's daily life, rather than just life extension, as it was demanded by the "populace".[22] Large numbers of people were transformed into Harvesters, also referred to by some Earth cultures as "Ghouls,"[23][24] in order to capture humans for Vitae processing. Complex machines collected Vitae from victims, who are graded for their "purity" to determine how much can be extracted. There were at least six functional factories to supply the vitae demand.[22] The Vitae was collected in leyden jars which serve multiple functions in powering machinery.

The Empire had fallen due to a great cataclysm. Said cataclysm was caused by Kita and his friends who opposed the cruel nature of their power source. They sabotaged the The Great Gate and tried to corrupt the Vitae factories with the Shadow's residue.[11] Their plan was to poison the Empress with the corrupted Vitae.[11] Instead, they only unleashed the Shadow's fury, killing virtually everyone but the Empress and Kita. At minimum, the denizens of the Empire's capital had been annihilated by the Shadow's wrath, with the only known survivors being Empress Tihana and Kita, who were hooked up to Vitae supplies to survive.

Time keeping[]

In the scientific data tablets (see Notes) found in Amnesia: Rebirth, it is indicated that Otherworldy citizens referred to day as "rise" and to either weeks or parts of a day as "calling." There are also signs of certain things/people: Idu, Olann, Auranga and Seven. These names may refer to their suns, moons or simply other Otherworldly people. If these names refer to suns or moons, Otherworldly people might had been using them indicators to time keeping purposes. These suns/moons might had been appearing on the sky on certain days (hence, they might had been referring these appereances as "signs").

Also, the time seems to be flowing much faster in this world, in relative to our world. This phenomenon is hinted at experiences of Daniel and Tasi. When Daniel was trapped inside the Tomb of Tin Hinan, he felt like he spent only a few minutes but in reality, it took 1 hour for Prof. Herbert and his men to rescue Daniel.[25] In the beginning of Amnesia: Rebirth, Tasi was newly pregnant. Normally, it would have taken 40 weeks to give birth to Amari but since Tasi spent a few hour in the Other World, her pregnancy developed faster than she expected and gave birth to Amari towards end of the game.

Distance measurement[]

They have a length/distance measurement unit called "idar".[26] Its Earth equivalent is unknown, but it is likely to be comparable to a centimeter, a decimeter or a meter (since it was used for harvester hunting, it is unlikely to be equivalent to an unit shorter or longer).


  • A Memory Capsule by Alexander reveals that he was banished by his brethren to Earth for unknown reasons.[citation needed] He mentions that his brethren "lust for power without restraints", while he himself "craves for a fair judgement and safe return."[citation needed] Such banishment was possible thanks to a Traveler's Locket.[citation needed]
  • The Tesla enemy is constantly blinking in and out of existence, being teleported to "the Other World" and back,[citation needed] though it is unknown if this is Alexander's world or a completely different one.


  • The Other World's depiction might have been inspired by some of H.P. Lovecraft's fictional works.[expound]
  • It is possible that if Daniel were to choose the Agrippa ending, he would wake up in this world, as Agrippa's severed head was thrown into the portal Alexander was trying to open. Daniel does not physically see this world, but he hears Agrippa assuring him that it would be all right.
  • Two of the concept pictures for the Orb Chamber seem to depict a glimpse of the Other World — one depicts a plain orange sky while the other seems to show a tall cliff with floating rocks, two suns, and a large moon about to eclipse one of them.
  • According to one of the cut notes from Amnesia: Rebirth, local people of village near Al-Mamaru Fort unwittingly compared Other World to the biblical city of Sodom.[27]



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