"Go to the Inner Sanctum, find Alexander and kill him."
―Daniel, Daniel's Note to Self.

The Old Archives is the second section accessed by Daniel in his exploration of Brennenburg Castle. This is also where the lantern is found, as well as Daniel's note to self.

Information Edit

The place is accessible from the Rainy Hall and is in a state of ruin. The place was probably not used anymore, as some of the windows are boarded up, keeping the place in an eerie darkness, and one of the rooms has an enormous hole in the ceiling, exposing the floor above.

Due to its weak structure and state of ruin, the servants decided to avoid this place, since it posed a high risk of collapsing when the Shadow arrives.[1] Daniel uses this to his advantage and chose to consume the Amnesia Potion in here, since no servant will enter.

Walkthrough Edit

Upon entering this area from the Rainy Hall, the place will look rather well lit. However, the whole place will turn dark soon after and some eerie music will start playing. In the room to the right, there will be stairs leading to some shelves. On one of those shelves will be 2 tinderboxes. However, getting near the tinderboxes results in the whole room getting filled with roaches, which disappear soon after.

Continuing to go down the hallway, the player will find another room. Going to the end of the hallway, the player will go to a dead end and is forced to go through the room. In this room, a sudden gust of wind will make everything start falling around. The player will also find a chest with a tinderbox and his trustworthy Lantern in this room. The player will then reach a small corridor with a door. This door will be locked if the player didn't grab his lantern. After entering this room, the place will start shaking for some time. In this room there are 2 tinderboxes - one behind some boxes and one inside a dresser.

The next door will lead to a table with Daniel's Note to self and Oil canister. Read this note and grab the oil. On the left of the room is a lever. Pulling it will reveal a secret entrance to the Entrance Hall.

Collectibles Edit

Tinderboxes Edit

  • In the first room to your right after entering the Old Archives, two tinderboxes can be found.(6 & 7)
  • In the room where you find the lantern, a tinderbox can be found in a chest.(8)
  • Behind some boxes in the large room right before the smaller room where Daniel's note to self can be found.(9)
  • In a closet in the same room.(10)

Oil Canisters and Barrels Edit

  • Next to Daniel's note to self at the very end of the Old Archives.

Notes, Diary Entries, and Memory Capsules Edit

  • Daniel's Note to Self - Found at the end of the Old Archives.


  • An easter egg can be found in the room where the lantern is obtained. If one were to stack crates and various other objects to reach the floor above, one would find a sign reading "HALLÅ" leaning against the wall, with letters painted in what looks like blood. "Hallå" is a Swedish interjection which means "Hello", or "Hi", and Swedish is the native language of most of the developers at Frictional Games.
    • Some copies of the game don't have this easter egg because it was added in the Steam version after the Justine expansion.
  • It is physically impossible to leave the area without the lantern. As you leave the room where the lantern can be picked up, the door leading to the next is locked. Once the lantern is picked up, a distant growl of a grunt can be heard, and the door leading to the next area will become unlocked.
  • In the level editor, a second oil potion can be found in the place where the player picks up 2 tinderboxes. This oil potion is impossible to get without manually setting it active in the level editor.


Old Archives

Old Archives



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