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Throughout Amnesia: The Dark Descent, Daniel will come across a wide variety of notes and documents that shed light on many different topics. He keeps all notes that he reads in a documents inventory, which the player can access at any time during gameplay.

Old Archives[]

Daniel's Note to Self[]


Wilhelm's Contract[]

Local Folklore[]

Regarding Closing of the Wine Cellar[]

Wine Cellar[]

Wilhelm's Last Words[]


Early Alchemy Experiment[]

Chemical Relocation[]


Regarding Explosive Mixture[]

In Case of a Missing Rod[]


Letter Regarding the Discovery of an Orb[]

Animal Experiment[]

Anatomy Frontiers[]

Elevator Machine Instructions[]

Machine Room[]

Machine Equipment Memo[]

Control Room[]



Plague Outbreak[]

Vaccine Trials[]


Agrippa Channels Weyer[]


The Shattered Orb[]


Notes on Torture[]


Last Prisoner Note[]


  • There is a line of code in the english.lang file found in the game's configuration files that was most likely a test from the developers in the development of the HPL Engine. The notes read:
    • Note test
      This is a damn test!
      Yes I am not kidding!
      Perhaps I am?
      This is a new page, that much I am sure of!
      More in the other test hahaha!
    • Diary 1 test
      This is diary 1!!!!
      Nice nice!
      this is the next paragraph tha the character speaks! Fun fun speaking!
      Now for the final thing the character says...
      Arghh.... I die.... diee.....DIE!
    • Diary 2 test
      This is diary 2!!!!
      last last!
  • The line "[voice player_react_guardian2.ogg]" appears a lot on the first diary test, suggesting that the developers were testing out playing sound files whilst reading a note in game, possibly for Daniel's voice acting in his note to self.
  • There is a removed note that was used in the development of the game. It can be seen in this video. It says:
    • Strange stories told about the castle from villagers. Talks about strange creatures seen in the forest around the castle and one woman swears here she saw her dead cat running around.