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"They weren't looking forward to visitors, were they?"
This article contains spoilers for Amnesia: The Bunker. Proceed with caution.

This is a list of the notes that are found in Amnesia: The Bunker, organized by area of discovery and content.


Full list of notes
Note Date Author Location
About Digging too Deep 1916-04-02 Jean Renoir Officer Quarters
Amnesia Cause 1916-07-10 Dr. Josinski Central Bunker
Assumptions About Motive 1916-06-06 Comdt. Fournier Officer Quarters
Autopsy of Reynard 1916-07-14 Dr. Josinski Central Bunker
Clément's Journal – Agony 1916-07-09 Henri Clément Central Bunker
Clément's Journal – Compelled 1916-07-09 Henri Clément Soldier Quarters
Clément's Journal – No Word 1916-07-09 Henri Clément Central Bunker
Clément's Journal – Routine Patrol 1916-07-08 Henri Clément Central Bunker
Comment on Noyer's Report 1916-05-15 Sgt. Stéphane Joubert Tunnels
Daisy-Chained Switches Unknown date Foreman Stafford Soldier Quarters
Farber Dies 1916-07-16 Sdt. Tremblay Soldier Quarters
Farber's Last Note 1916-07-12 Sdt. Farber Soldier Quarters
Fear and Paranoia 1916-07-15 Sdt. Chanard Soldier Quarters
Fuel and Fire 1916-04-10 Sdt. Boisrond Central Bunker
Gathering of the Willing 1916-05-28 Sdt. Farber Soldier Quarters
How to Get the Hell Out of Here 1916-07-21 Sdt. Boisrond Central Bunker
I Have the Communications Key 1916-06-11 [Dependant on playthrough] Soldier Quarters
I Saw Its Face 1916-07-18 Sdt. Chanard Maintenance
In Charge of Security 1916-07-13 Major Blanchet Officer Quarters
Increased Security on Arsenal 1916-06-03 Comdt. Fournier Officer Quarters
It Can Hear Me 1916-07-19 Sdt. Chanard Maintenance
Joubert's Final Journal 1916-07-20 Sgt. Stéphane Joubert Officer Quarters
Joubert's Journal – Patrol Debriefing 1916-07-10 Sgt. Stéphane Joubert Soldier Quarters
Joubert's Journal – Strange Sounds 1916-07-14 Sgt. Stéphane Joubert Officer Quarters
Keep the light on! Unknown date Unknown author Central Bunker
Lambert's Journal – Part 1 1916-07-11 Augustin Lambert Maintenance
Lambert's Journal – Part 2 1916-07-12 Augustin Lambert Central Bunker
LaRue's Report 1916-05-15 Gaspar LaRue Officer Quarters
List of the Guilty 1916-06-09 Sgt. Reynard Officer Quarters
Nicolay's Unsent Letter 1916-05-05 Johannes Nicolay Soldier Quarters
Note from Head Clerk re Dog Tags Unknown date Q. Friloux Central Bunker
Note to a Dead Friend Unknown date Foreman Stafford Maintenance
Note to Farber 1916-05-25 Ozanne Zabelle Soldier Quarters
Noyer's Journal – Part 1 1916-04-30 Alex Noyer Soldier Quarters
Noyer's Journal – Part 2 1916-05-14 Alex Noyer Soldier Quarters
Noyer's Translations 1916-05-18 Sgt. Reynard Officer Quarters
Permission to Court Martial 1916-06-11 Sgt. Reynard Prison
Prisoner in Custody 1916-06-30 Maj. Sgt. Delpy Officer Quarters
Rats and Burnt Corpses 1916-05-29 Dr. Josinski Central Bunker
Reynard is Dead 1916-07-15 Comdt. Fournier Prison
Roman Tunnel Update 1916-05-02 Sgt. Stéphane Joubert Officer Quarters
Shooting the Beast 1916-07-18 Comdt. Fournier Officer Quarters
The Officers have Fled 1916-07-20 Sdt. Marceau Soldier Quarters
The Rats 1916-05-20 Sdt. Chanard Maintenance
Toussaint's Fate 1916-06-11 Maj. Sgt. Delpy Officer Quarters
Toussaint's Journal 1916-05-16 Toussaint Beaufoy Soldier Quarters
Toussaint's Madness 1916-06-04 Toussaint Beaufoy Tunnels
Update on Prisoner 1916-07-04 Sgt. Reynard Prison
We Whirl the World 1916-04-10 Toussaint Beaufoy Soldier Quarters
Where's our Wine 1916-06-15 Comdt. Fournier Officer Quarters
Where's the Pillbox key? 1916-05-02 Foreman Stafford Maintenance
Wrench Location Note Unknown date Sdt. Boisrond Prison


Central Bunker[]

Amnesia Cause[]

Clément's Journal – Agony[]

Autopsy of Reynard[]

Note from Head Clerk re Dog Tags[]

Rats and Burnt Corpses[]

Keep the light on![]

Fuel and Fire[]

How to Get the Hell Out of Here[]

Clément's Journal – No Word[]

Clément's Journal – Routine Patrol[]

Lambert's Journal – Part 2[]

Officer Quarters[]

Joubert's Journal – Strange Sounds[]

Joubert's Final Journal[]

Roman Tunnel Update[]

Prisoner in Custody[]

Assumptions About Motive[]

In Charge of Security[]

About Digging too Deep[]

Toussaint's Fate[]

Increased Security on Arsenal[]

Shooting the Beast[]

LaRue's Report[]

Where's our Wine[]

List of the Guilty[]

Noyer's Translations[]


The Rats[]

Note to a Dead Friend[]

It Can Hear Me[]

Where's the Pillbox key?[]

Lambert's Journal – Part 1[]

I Saw Its Face[]


Wrench Location Note[]

Update on Prisoner[]

Permission to Court Martial[]

Reynard is Dead[]

Soldier Quarters[]

Joubert's Journal – Patrol Debriefing[]

Daisy-Chained Switches[]

I Have the Communications Key[]

Noyer's Journal – Part 1[]

Toussaint's Journal[]

Nicolay's Unsent Letter[]

We Whirl the World[]

Gathering of the Willing[]

Fear and Paranoia[]

Clément's Journal – Compelled[]

The Officers have Fled[]

Farber's Last Note[]

Farber Dies[]

Note to Farber[]

Noyer's Journal – Part 2[]


Toussaint's Madness[]

Comment on Noyer's Report[]