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The "read note" icon from Amnesia: Rebirth.

This is a list of the notes that are found in Amnesia: Rebirth, organized by area of discovery and content.

The Cassandra[]

Flight Plan[]

Hank's Dossier – Nicolas Masson[]

Hank's Dossier – Rachael Holt[]

Jonathan Webber's postcard[]

The Caves[]

Salim & Tasi Photograph[]

Crew Roster[]

Map of Northern Africa[]

Asset Tally[]

Hank's Dossier – Anastasie Trianon[]

Engineering Document[]

Alex and Richard Photo[]

Webber's Goodbye[]

Yasmin's ID[]

Encyclopedia Entry[]

Hank's Dossier – Eva Ritter[]

Eva's Suicide Note[]

German Poem[]

Photo of Lukas[]

Salim's Note[]

Page from Salim's Diary (1)[]

Page from Salim's Diary (2)[]

Scrap of Paper[]

Hank's Dossier – Lukas Ritter[]

Page from Salim's Diary (3)[]

Page from Salim's Diary (4)[]

The Dark World[]

Explorer's Note (1)[]

Explorer's Note (2)[]

Explorer's Note (3)[]

Herbert's Final Note[]

Weyer's Map[]

Tin Hinan Note (1)[]

Explorer's Note (4)[]

The Room[]

Notice of Rejection[]

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland[]

The Deeper Caves[]

Hank's Dossier – Salim Hannachi[]

Salim's Final Note[]

The Desert Path[]

Burned Page[]

Game of Hearts[]

Images of women[]

Hank's Dossier – Jonathan Webber[]

The Fortress Courtyard[]

Hank's Dossier – Malick Tamboura[]

The Fortress[]

Crossbow Sketch[]

Hank's Dossier – Dr. Anton Metzier[]

Mathieu's Note[]


Tihanu Note[]

Ifrit Text[]

Ghul Text[]

Hatif Text[]

Ashen Mother Text[]

Telegraph Messages[]

Letter to Hazel[]

Hank's Dossier – Yasmin Chabani[]

Kel Hanan Note[]

Michel's Note[]

Captain's Diary Page (1)[]

Captain's Diary Page (2)[]

The Arsenal[]

Goods Ledger[]

Sulfur Note[]

Saltpeter Note[]

Stores Shifts Note[]

Off-limits Items Note[]

Captain's Final Note[]

Laudanum Guidelines[]

The Cistern[]

Survey Note[]

Cistern Diagram[]

Conquest Note[]

Book Fragment[]

Pilgrim's Note[]

Page on Asyriel[]

Cylinder: The Coronation[]

The Oasis[]

Hank's Dossier – Alexander Melville Sterling[]

Note from Tasi[]

Hank's Dossier – Richard Fairchild[]

The Alchemist's Chambers[]

Medical Investigation[]

Fertility Investigation[]

Political Letter[]

Cylinder: Patient's Thoughts[]

Gate Instructions[]

Cylinder: The Fall[]

Cylinder: The Flesh[]

Cylinder: The Formula[]

The Portal Chamber[]

Leyden Jar Note[]

Diary Page (1)[]

Note to Von Brennenburg[]

Herbert's Manuscript[]

Note to Professor[]

Diary Page (2)[]

Note to Khaled[]

Note to Abdullah (1)[]

The Chamber of Pillars[]

Wall Diagram Note[]

Pillar Mechanism Note[]

Tin Hinan Note (2)[]

Translation Note (1)[]

Hank's Dossier – Leon De Vries[]

Cylinder: Accession[]

Pillar and Lines Note[]

Translation Note (2)[]

The Hunting Grounds[]

Device Note[]

Vitae Note[]

Cylinder: Hunting Grounds[]

Hunting Note[]

Cylinder: No Word[]

The Catacombs[]

Bloodline List[]

Leon's Note (1)[]

Leon's Note (2)[]

Leon's Note (3)[]

Leon's Note (4)[]

The Theater[]

Note on the Apostate[]

The Laboratory[]

Cylinder: Sacrifice[]

Cylinder: Pavlos[]

Hand Diagram[]

Body Diagram[]

Cylinder: Grass[]

Note on Shuttles[]

Cylinder: Warmth[]

Note on Vitae Flow[]

Note on Memory Process (1)[]

Note on Memory Process (2)[]

Process Subject 1143SV[]

Process Subject 1144SV[]

Process Subject 1145SV[]

Cylinder: Breakthrough[]

Cylinder: Sorrow[]

Cylinder: Sand[]

The Lower Factory[]

Cylinder: Sabotage[]

The Apartment[]

Consultant's Letter[]

The Tower[]

Cylinder: Last Hope[]

Hank's Dossier – James Henry Mitchell[]

Removed notes[]

In-game files[]

These notes were removed from the game, but can still be found in the in-game files.

Adeline's Postcard[]

Camille's Postcard[]

Magazine Article[]

Survey Document[]

Page from Salim's Diary (5)[]


Afrikaans Book[]

Patrol Letter[]

Debt List[]

Gunpowder Recipe[]

Mathematics Book[]

Book of Flowers[]

Note on Predators[]

Note on Artefacts[]

Note on Claw Marks[]

Memorial Note[]

Note to Abdullah (2)[]

Translation Note (3)[]

Cylinder: Ocean[]

Cylinder: Rope[]

Cylinder: Hands[]

Basic Field Manual[]

Rudolf's Note[]

Mask Sketch[]

Leyden Jar Sketch[]

Super secret[]

These notes were removed from the game, but can be found in the super secret file.

Mining Letter[]

Letter from Antoine[]

Newspaper Article[]

Yasmin Poem[]

Notes from promotional material[]

These notes were released as part of promotional material before the game was released.

Cassandra Crash Newspaper Article[]

Box 12, Recent Acquisitions[]


  1. Note file name is "note"
  2. Note file name is "Note khaled to"
  1. Münsterberg, Margarete. A Harvest of German Verse. 1916.