This section presents the contents of all the letters that can be found throughout Amnesia: Justine DLC


A New PlanEdit

This note can be found in the first cell to your left. Picking it up triggers the Suitor to investigate the area

Le 22 avril 1858

Salutation, Inspector Marot of the Sûreté Nationale,

As you very well know, the chief of police in Calais has turned down my request to pursue Justine Florbelle for stealing my son. Ever since their affair started, Alois, my son, has forsaken his duties to his family and failed to pursue his career. Since the law seems unable to find a crime within the realm of Mademoiselle Justine's actions, I will ask you to retrieve Dr. Victor Fournier later this week. He is a respectable aliéniste, an expert in the human psyche and he believes he may have found a legal way to incarcerate her. If he is able to diagnose her as a hysteric, it would provide you an ample excuse to have her locked up.

I trust you and your agency will not turn us down.

Cordialement, Lucien Racine.

Billet DouxEdit

This note can be found in the far right room, on a table

Justine, my love, I know I am not as talented as Malo or as strong as Basile, but I am certain my love is truer. Do not my scars tell you so? I will continue to cut myself as long as it pleases you. I would even kill Basile if you wish. I know you say you like it, but he is hurting you. I will trick him to consume the Bromide. Poor Justine. I will help, just ask me to help.


Newspaper Article - 19 March 1858Edit

This note can be found in the torture room that you reach after dropping down from the tunnels in the ceiling.

Travesty at the Conservatory

Many Parisians had gathered last night to enjoy the performance of violin virtuoso, Malo de Vigny. It was to be the grand premiere of several new arrangements of songs by fellow composer George Bizet, but the evening took an unexpected turn.

Young Malo de Vigny turned up visibly intoxicated. His violin cried as the bow was jerked across the strings. The audience seemed forgiving at first, but started to boo the man off stage as he defaced the beloved song, La rose et l'abeille. The stress apparently got the best of the young musician as he threw his bow into the audience and finally collapsed.

Mademoiselle Justine Florbelle, who is according to rumors romantically involved with Monsieur de Vigny, looked quite amused by the event and had two of her friends, Basile Giroux and Alois Racien [sic] carry him off the stage.

The evening was saved by other musicians at the conservatory who was able to perform a most delightful impromptu concerto in Malo de Vigny's absence. The audience showered their saviors with praise and calls for encore were awarded with spectacular pieces by both Offenbach and Chopin.



This note can be found in the first room to your right.

The tests have been going well. The most long term, and in a sense the most promising one, is the Light Box. Having Justine choose a slide, essentially a mood, for every day is a great way to see the larger overall development of her mind. She definitely reads things into the slides I had not foreseen. Her remarkable imagination turns the characters into just about anything and she is able to effortlessly reduce all her experiences into one of the four character slides.

Using the Puzzle Lock has proven more difficult as she tends to always choose two slides with characters facing the same way. I have asked her why this is, but she doesn't fully seem to understand what I am asking.

Herbert’s LetterEdit

This note can be found in the bookshelf to the left of the desk where the previous note was. It can be a little tricky to spot.

12 January 1839

Dear Monsieur Florbelle,

I am sorry to hear about your daughter Justine’s unruly behavior. Rest assure that this does not diminish your work, nor does it make your idea of the natural developing mind less appropriate as a field of study. I have plenty of scholars here in London enthralled by your hypothesizes and stated that it could be one of the most important ideas of the modern era.

It has been suggested that the mind is not only molded by experience, but it could also be stricken with disease without physiological sign. Perhaps this line of thinking could be applied to your child.

I wish I could devote my letter to consolidation, however I write to you with a request. I require passage into Algeria and I need Frenchmen of good standing to vouch for my person. I am certain the name Florbelle would greatly speed the process and grant me the permits I require. It pains me to ask this of you in your time of distress, but if you could suffer my inconvenience, I would be greatly in your debt.

Yours Sincerely, Herbert.

Soul Journal EntriesEdit

This note can be found in a table in the second room to the right, the room with the captured priest.

Justine, age 8
Today I played outside with Clarice. We saw a bird pick at a snail. It carried it off and landed on the lawn fence. The snail had a shell and it cracked. Clarice cried and I comforted her. The new maid heard us and came out and scolded Clarice for playing with me, the bird took off into the air.

Today I was the one with open arms.

Justine, age 9
Today I played with the slides from father’s Light Box. Above all I like the man standing to the right. Father asked why, I said, he see things he likes.

Today I was the right one.

Justine, age 10
Father said I picked the wrong slide yesterday when I made the chambermaid cry. He wanted me to pick the one with the sword, while I picked the man on the right. I never pick the one with the sword.

Today I was the one kneeling.

Justine, age 11
Today father came for me in my room. I still couldn’t look him in the eyes. He said I shouldn’t feel ashamed and that I only tried to fill the void left by mother. When he wasn’t looking, I took the star stone from his collection.

Today I was the one with the sword.

Shipment SlipEdit

Entering the room at the end of the hallway in the library and then taking a right and heading straight you will find yourself at a bookshelf. One of the books in this bookcase can be removed to reveal this note behind it. Finding this note will unlock the "Still Alive" Gold Trophy in the PS4 version of the game, as well as slightly altering the dialogue between Justine and Clarice at the end of the game.

Congratulations on your fine purchase!

The Lumina Projection Box with accompanying Puzzle Lock is the pride of our company and our greatest seller. Having earned your patronage, we would like to share with you privileged insight on our newest workings: the Span-space Device! This new machine is unlike anything you have ever witnessed. Come and visit our testing facilities and try our state of the art inventions in a safe environment.

Please write your name and address on the back of the slip and mail it back to us at: A.S. Inc. Boston, Massachusetts.


Unopened LetterEdit

Enter the door on the right side of the room and follow the path to a room. The note is on top of a shelf underneath a box at the right side of the room. It can be a little hard to spot.

7 July 1839

Monsieur Florbelle,

My name is Daniel, a friend and colleague of Professor Herbert. As I have come to understand, you are among his most trusted friends and confidantes, therefor I shall reveal my predicament in hope that you can shed some light on the matter.

Earlier this year Herbert and I set out on an expedition to the deserts of Algeria. While looking for the legendary tomb of Tin Hinan we happened upon a cavern temple buried deep beneath the sand. In its inner sanctum, I retrieved a stone orb which cracked and split into several pieces. Due to exhaustion, I was sent back to Britain and waited for his return.

I have since lost all contact with Herbert and I find myself deeply troubled by the whole affair. I believe Herbert knew more than he was telling and that he sent me back to protect me from whatever ancient horror we may have stirred.

If you can share any insight on the matter I would be most grateful.

Forever in your debt, Daniel


Unfinished LetterEdit

The final note can be found on the left side of the first area of the Crypt, on a pile of dirt next to the dug-up grave

Le 2 février 1839


I have contacted the consulate and they will send you the permits you need for visiting Algeria. I wish you good luck on your search and that your findings will come at a lower price than mine.

I am at loss with my studies. My daughter has become distraught and distant. I did little to control her behaviour, yet I believe the very notion of my observation has made her this way. My scientific indifference to our tests has not left her with an indifferent opinion. She finds my lack of reaction disappointing. She judges me, and most importantly herself, by the results of these tests.

The reason I have trouble finding any consistency within her character, is because she tries to different approaches to provoke me and her actions only become more and more disturbing. Yesterday I lost myself and scolded her, she was terrified and humiliated.

It saddens me greatly to bring my studies to a close without seeing it to the end, but I can no longer justify my research, I have to mend my relationship with my daughter…

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