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Nicolas Masson (The Flight)

Nicolas Masson is a minor character in Amnesia: Rebirth. He was a French pilot who flew the Cassandra on its final flight.[4]


Nicolas Masson was a reputable French pilot, "damn good" according to Hank Mitchell (who may have met him before in Morocco in 1933), but apparently also a bit of a lady's man—Hank obliquely jokes about his personality to Tasi[7] and notes to himself in his dossier that he could "charm the skin off a snake."[3] He'd been hired for the job of flying the mining expedition team from Algiers to the French Sudan, quickly stopping to refuel at In Salah, by the Sterling Shipping Company.[4]

During the second portion of the flight, the plane suddenly moved back and forth between Earth and the Other World due to rifts between them. This caused a fatal mechanical malfunction, and Masson desperately called on the radio for help as they crashed. It is unclear whether he died during the crash or succumbed after being pulled from the wreck, but after his death Yasmin cried over his body. He was then buried next to the crash site and marked off as deceased on the crew roster.[2]


  • Nicolas Masson’s corpse is partially devoured by desert vultures by the time the player exits the Cassandra, Tasi is visibly disgusted by the decomposition of the corpse but does not appear to recognize it as Masson’s or remember anything specific about him.
  • Masson shares the same character model as Richard Fairchild for the introductory cutscene level, The Flight, the model for his corpse is a reconfigured model of a cut character, Andrew Erskine.


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