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Daniel? Like the prophet thrown into the lion's den? Tell me – are you among the lions, Daniel?

Agrippa after being saved by Daniel

The Nave is the first area of the dungeons surrounding the Inner Sanctum, the game's twenty-second area, and the fourth and final Hub level.


The Nave is the section of the castle reached upon escaping the Sewers by ladder. The ladder breaks and falls apart during the ascent, making it impossible to go back down. It is in this area Daniel first encounters Agrippa, and learns what has to be done to gain entry to the Inner Sanctum.


Several other areas can be accessed from the Nave:

There is also a passageway leading to the Cells but Daniel cannot access it just yet. He will be locked up in this area later on after being ambushed by the Gatherers. When the Shadow chases him back to the Nave, the door will not budge thereafter.

The Nave itself has many rooms and items and is by far the largest hub. Some items only appear after Daniel has made progress in the other areas of the castle. The upper levels of the Nave feature a small laboratory and house the machinery that operates the large doors to the Transept and Choir in the lower areas. To reach the chamber where Agrippa is, Daniel must descend a long, dark, winding spiral stairway. There are also many spiders to be found here when Daniel is low on sanity. It is inadvisable to light all the torches here even though Daniel has to venture back to open the doors, for it is a large area that would waste many tinderboxes, and the torches get completely destroyed by the Shadow later. Between Agrippa's chamber and the Chancel are a number of cells, presumably for holding prisoners before they were tortured in the other rooms.

There are two versions of the Nave. Towards the end of the game, after you've escaped from the Cells, the Shadow overwhelms the Nave and causes many areas to collapse. However, it also opens up a hidden area where a Bone Saw can be found to saw off Agrippa's head. This broken-down version of the Nave is referred to in the game files as Nave Redux, and contains new collectibles, new scenery, and new locations.

Light sources[]

20 Candles, 41 Torches, 4 Lamps and 0 Fires . Keep your lantern and Tinderboxes at use to keep your sanity nice and green.


1. Triggers when you after walked down spiral staircase for first time.

2. Triggers after returned from first visit in Chancel (before all six orb pieces collected).

3. Triggers in one of the cells upstairs where the meat can be found (before all orb pieces collected).


"Do you see, Daniel? A whole other world – isn't it beautiful?"
The following section is written from an out-of-universe perspective.

There are two versions of the Nave, as described above: Nave and Nave: Redux.


  • Emerging from the well, there is a tinderbox beside to a pile of rope next to the well.
  • Turning around from the rope, a door opens to to a caved-in hallway. A tinderbox is in front of the rubble.
  • At the opposite end, there is a hallway leading to a room with two levers. They do nothing at the moment.
    • On the left is an oil barrel and a tinderbox on a table.
    • Another table is on the right, with a diary entry on top.
  • Through the only other unlocked door, you will come to a large spiral staircase. At the bottom of the stairs, a tinderbox is on the floor between a basket and a rope pile. To its left, under the staircase, two tinderboxes can be found resting on a crate.
  • Proceeding down a hallway to the left, descend the wooden stairs into a larger room. At the foot of the stairs is a chained man who will raise his head and speak to you when you get close to him. This is Agrippa, a friendly NPC. He tells you to turn the lever on the machine to his right. Doing so will allow him to speak from the machine. He will give you your next objective: find all the Orb pieces scattered around the Transept and Choir (three pieces in each) so that you can enter the Inner Sanctum.
  • In this same room, you will find two large vertical doors. You will have to open these in order to access the Transept and Choir. These are controlled by the two levers from earlier, but they are not functional.
  • To the left of Agrippa, there is a table with an oil potion on it. In the ceiling above, there is a hatch. Stack a box on the table so you can reach the hatch and open it. You will see a set of three gears, where one is out of position. Slide it upward to get all three gears moving.
  • Return to the lever room upstairs and pull the levers to raise the doors. The Transept and Choir – Entrance are now accessible.
  • Before you leave, there are still some items around.
    • On the way to the Choir – Entrance on the right, there is a room on the left.
      • A bottle of Laudanum is on the bookshelf at the far end on the right. A tinderbox is on the bookshelf on the left.
      • On the desk is a note that describes a tonic that will allow you to take Agrippa with you to the Inner Sanctum. It requires three ingredients: the poison gland of a fungus, vitae, and tampter.
      • A tinderbox is in the middle drawer of the desk.
    • There is a room with some cells in between the main room and the door to the Chancel.
      • A tinderbox sits on a shelf to the immediate left when entering the room.
      • There is a tinderbox in the first cell on the right side.
      • Going up the stairs on the right, a tinderbox is found in the second cell on the right.
      • Looping around to the other side, there is some Meat on a table.
    • In the opposite hallway, which leads to the Transept, is a room with a well that has a Kaernk at the bottom. You can attach the Meat to the rope and lower it into the well. The Kaernk will devour the Meat, leaving behind a Tampter-soaked bone for you to take.
  • Once you have found all six orb pieces in the Transept and Choir, go to the Chancel. You will be captured and taken to the Cells.
    • For this reason, if you want to explore the Chancel, visit it before collecting all the orb pieces!

Nave: Redux[]

  • Escaping from the Cells, you will reenter the Nave, but the Shadow has spread and wrought havoc. You enter into a previously locked room with another well, containing another Kaernk. This allows you to obtain the Tampter if you did not do so earlier.
  • On the table next to the well is a tinderbox and a diary entry.
    • Picking up this diary takes you to an interactive cutscene of Daniel approaching Zimmermann Farm.
  • In the next room, the well you entered from originally is blocked up by the Shadow's flesh. A tinderbox rests on top of it.
  • To the left, the hallway leading to the lever room has collapsed. There is a tinderbox on the ground to the right.
  • Heading down the spiral staircase and into the hallway, you will see that the laboratory is now accessible. The machinery within will allow you to create Weyer's Tonic, provided you have the ingredients.
    • To prepare the tonic, perform the following steps:
      • Place the Glass Jar of Blood on the burner and turn it on.
      • Put the Incomplete Tonic under the pipe connected to the extraction oven. Place the Tampter inside the oven, close it, and turn it on.
      • Place the Incomplete Tonic under the squeezer. Insert the Poison Gland above it, and turn the handle.
    • There is a tinderbox on the tipped shelf at the back of the room.
  • A hole has opened up to the left of Agrippa. There is a tinderbox on the floor in front of it.
  • Through the hole, there is a bottle of Laudanum on the top of the shelf on the left. On the shelf on the opposite side is the Bone Saw, which you will need after completing Weyer's Tonic.
    • If you did not pick up the String in the Transept, it will be on the left shelf. Next to it is a small grate. Like in the Transept, you can combine the String with the Glass Jar, open the grate, and dip the jar into the blood to obtain the Glass Jar of Blood.
  • You will find that the hallways to the Transept and Choir have collapsed.
    • In the Choir hallway, you will find a poisonous mushroom that you can get a Poison Gland from, if you did not collect it earlier in the Choir.
  • If you have Weyer's Tonic, you can feed it to Agrippa and use the Bone Saw to cut his head off. Agrippa's Head will be on the floor for you to pick up.
  • In the cell room, there are two oil potions in the upper area. One is on the right side just before the first door, and the other is in the first cell on the left.
    • The Meat is found in the same spot as before if you did not pick it up earlier.
  • When you are ready, exit to the Chancel.


Items listed here can only be obtained on the first visit to the Nave before you've gathered all the Orb pieces and entered the Chancel. See the next section for the items obtained afterward.

Puzzle items[]


  • Behind the well at the very start of the level. (113)
  • On the floor of the small blocked-off corridor to the right of the well. (114)
  • On a table in the room with all the levers that can be entered through the door to the left of the well. (115)
  • Head down the large spiral staircase and check underneath it. One tinderbox can be found on the floor near a rope, and two more can be found further in on a box. (116, 117 & 118)
  • In the corridor leading to the Choir – Entrance, there is a side room to the left. In this side room, a tinderbox can be found in a desk, and another can be found in a bookshelf. (119 & 120)
  • In the large cell area right before the chancel, a tinderbox can be found on a shelf to your immediate left as you enter the room. (121)
  • In a corner of the first cell on the right on the bottom floor. (122)
  • In the top-right cell on the second floor, another tinderbox can be found. (123)


  • One oil container can be found beneath the hatch in the ceiling, close to Agrippa.
  • There is a large oil barrel in the room with the two levers.



Collectibles (Redux)[]

Items listed here can only be obtained on the return trip to the Nave, after one has escaped from the Cells.

Puzzle items[]


  • On a table to the left in the room with the well, you get to after you get out of the cells, next to a diary entry. (145)
  • On the well in the next room, the same well from which you first entered the Nave the first time around. (146)
  • Through the door to the left of the well, on the ground next to some rubble. (147)
  • After descending the spiral staircase and entered the corridor, go right into the newly opened laboratory. In here, a tinderbox can be found on a bookshelf. (148)
  • On the floor at the entrance to another newly created room to the left of Agrippa—in the room where you find the bone saw. (149)


  • On a table ahead of you as you exit the Cells.
  • In the top-left cell of the left wall of the chambers in the Nave.
  • On the ground on the top floor of the right wall of the chambers in the Nave.
  • There are no oil barrels in this area.


  • In the small newly-formed room next to Agrippa.




Agrippa's Chamber.

  • If the player does not activate Agrippa's channeling machine (the device that allows him to speak to Daniel) in the normal version of the Nave, he will be found headless in the "redux" version. Not only is he dead, his head is missing entirely, making it impossible to save him.
  • It's possible to die in the Nave by jumping down one of the wells.
  • After the Shadow nearly takes over the Nave, the screen will slowly tilt left and right, as in the Rainy Hall.
  • Upon visiting the cell block of the Nave before the Shadow has overwhelmed the room, loud screams and door bangs can be heard, along with the screen shaking. After this, a grinding noise similar to when losing sanity plays, and Daniel gasps in fear.
  • There is a wall just outside the laboratory room with a glitchy texture. If you throw an object to this wall, the object will instead be absorbed into said wall and disappear. Note that this glitch only happens after you return from the Cells.
  • In cathedral architecture, the Nave is where the non-clergy churchgoers sit. Considering the presence of the cells with the pipes leading to the Choir and the purpose of that room, it truly fits the name.


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